Nutbox interface bug bounty - Round01

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After the post: "Nutbox Bug Bounty Program" released, 6 community members submit their issues. Here we announce that in order to thanks for their great job, we are glad to reward them with PNUT. Please notice that the Nutbox Bug Bounty Program will last for one more month, and the result will release once a week. You are always welcome to join this program.

《Nutbox Bug Bounty Program》发布后,有6个小伙伴提交了issue。非常感谢大家做出的工作,特此公告并发放PNUT予以奖励。《Nutbox Bug Bounty Program》还将持续一个月,每周公告一次,欢迎大家积极参与。

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How are you sir..? AROUND THE WORLD COMMUNITY is willing to hire you as a moderator. Are you willing to work with this community? Looking at your quality work, we invite you to work with our community. We look forward to your valuable feedback. If you join us, we will be able to become the largest community very quickly.

Thank you very much @nutbox.mine for being aware of the reported problems. I will wait until the delegation problem is fixed.


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Great! Try publishing one thousand last posts from the nutbox interface to see how it works? I was surprised that the post was automatically destined for a "NutBox" community. It's great, I thought it didn't exist. I will try to accumulate enough sp or steem to mine through the platform.


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Nutbox have voted your post 1yybp-9, please check it.

Excelente post

my steempower 30K your power confirm please

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