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88 - Forward With Crypto | Andrew Yang

According to Andrew Yang, a group of people are working on creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the Forward Party which will be called Forward DAO (no better choice obviously :P). In this way, Forward Party will become a Party (capitalized to denote political party not your regular let's-get-wasted party) with a crypto, or rather, the Forward Coin (or Yang Coin, or whatever, it's cool) will be a crypto with a Party.

DAOs are centered around a token that they mint, that is an internal currency to that organization which is passed around as people contribute to the organization. In theory, the value of this cryptocurrency also reflects the value of the organization. DAOs are potential solutions to sustainable wealth generation that is human-oriented instead of
corporation- or monopoly-oriented.

It also represents kind of a form of UBI, if we can mint new coin instead of the dollar and send that to people's wallets using these very efficient crypto rails, and have the value of these coins to be associated with the power of the organizations that they represent. And these organizations are permissionless to enter, anyone who feels that he/she can contribute can enter them anytime as they like and leave anytime if they feel disconnected, which is highly flexible, dynamic and democratic in that sense.

Now is the time for cryptos to get more political and politicians to get more 'crypto'. Let's make that happen.


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