Biscuit distribution and getting some nuts from the box

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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ. With the permission of God, we finally able to reopen our factory, strive to continue to produce quality biscuit for all of our business associates. It's the new year of 2021, we decided to take this opportunity to make a distribution of our business earnings back in 2020, to all of our investors. One of the earliest investor, dated as early as 2019, February 18. It is almost 2 years now and we are looking forward to produce more and to give even more, back to our fellow investors.

Meanwhile, we have also noticed there's this community called @nutbox, which we think it's similar to what we do here in 1MDB, to crowdfund and give back the earnings to our business associates. In view of 1MDB has been distracted by recent Covid 19, half the time we have spend on investigating, contact tracing, whilst much of our budget has gone to sanitization and provide medical assistance to our factory worker when they fall sick. Funny eh, our supervisors are all healthy, so as myself. We believe the virus will only attack Banggalah in our factory.

Shiet, what are we talking about now. Oh yeah, we were supposed to discuss about the @nutbox community, and such useful platform will be our next milestone, to start delegating and harvesting nut. Yes, you are right. We do walnut biscuit as well, so they'll be our source of biscuit making material.


And yes, they do take away 0.2steem from boss pocket. We will see how fast can we make back that 0.2steem from the nutbox community, and looking forward to bring more benefit to our investors and business associates.

Below are the distribution list

@bboyady 3.467STEEM
@beverlyjoe 4.333STEEM
@bitrocker2020 12.999STEEM
@bsfmalaysia 2.164STEEM
@cherryng 2.600STEEM
@craftsofluv 2.600STEEM
@davidke20 24.264STEEM
@djlethalskillz 6.933STEEM
@elizacheng 3.467STEEM
@ericet 3.467STEEM
@foodblogresteem 6.933STEEM
@auleo 3.467STEEM
@francesaw 2.600STEEM
@iamjadeline 2.600STEEM
@itrmarcusliew 3.467STEEM
@janicechua 4.333STEEM
@jaysmasterpiece 1.734STEEM
@joannewong 3.467STEEM
@joelai 3.467STEEM
@kaerpediem 3.987STEEM
@kimzwarch 3.467STEEM
@littlenewthings 3.467STEEM
@qurator-tier-1-2 17.332STEEM
@wilhb81 4.333STEEM
@wilsonkoh 1.734STEEM
@zord189 17.332STEEM

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