I Bought 1000 SP and Powered Up And It Feels Good!

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The crypto world has been hit hard in recent days. A friend of mine said that he lost about 70% of the value of his assets in fiat. He is indeed a digital currency trader. And all these time he has benefited from his activities of trading crypto assets.

Then does he feel sad with the current situation? He said, this isn't the first time the crypto world has been hit such a blow. He has been trading digital currencies for some years or so, so he feels he is already "immune" to this kind of hit. “This is a common thing on this area. Nothing to worry about.”

He said, don't be carried away by the situation. This is only temporary. I don't fully understand but I think he learned from his experience to stay calm when things get bad like this. Imagine, from BTC worth over 500 million US$ to around 300 million US$ per unit, and it also dragged other digital currencies value down.

While I see a lot of discussion in social medias, Facebook/Twitter/Discord, people are divided into 3 groups:

  • A group that remains OPTIMISTIC. In addition to holding on to their assets, some also feel that this is a good time to buy and multiply their digital currency assets.
  • PESSIMISTIC groups. These are groups that feel as if the world has ended and that there is nothing they can do about it, and that crypto will not recover as it used to be at least in the near future. They will curse all things that they think have caused this condition.
  • The group that DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL. They really don't understand, they have little hope and also some anxiety at the same time. This group decided to wait and see.


On Twitter, a group of pessimists enlivened Elon Musk's tweets with anger. However, groups have also emerged that defend Elon, especially that Elon has never forced people to buy any asset.

From all the debates, I feel that it fits an opinion that arises in it from a person in social media whose name I forgot, the point is something like this: "Do not invest crucial funds and which you cannot afford to lose. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Don't mortgage land certificates or cars to make an investment, because that's wrong." That makes sense to me.

I bought 1000 STEEM yesterday and did a powerup. I feel like it's something worth doing. Investments always have the potential to move in 2 different directions. And we have to be ready with any direction it will go.

In last few days it's been reported that the cryptocurrency world is starting to recover. The market is starting to be optimistic again. Positive sentiment is starting to form again. This is a positive signal for all of us.


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