Nude Sunday

in The Hood2 years ago

Ever since nude jogging was officially permitted on Sunday's (thank you, Shlomo Applebee, for your unhindered... um.. efforts.. in this regard) a few residents have taken a further step and decided that Nude Sunday must now be a thing. Bob (short for Jeramiah) and Julie Trizniak have started Nude Archery in their backyard Sunday afternoon. So far they are the only attendees. Their neighbours, old crows Hanzel and Zelma Znerfenheigemheifem, believe this will last until one of them twangs what shouldn't be twanged.

("Hey, watch what you poke with that thing")

Watch the Target.png

 2 years ago 

Good on Bob and Julie for keeping their lawn at perfect regulatory length and hue.

Our Neighborhood is just that much better thanks to their hard work.

 2 years ago 

I don't recall authorizing nude archery , I'll have to flip through all the meetings notes for this one . You get a pass for now and Bob and Julie are one of my favorite neighborhood couples. Although I turned down their offer for their super secret swingers party, we just love their athleticism.
hmmmm, that reminds me that we need a new stenographer.
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