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@steemitblog ¿Are you alive? Serious question.

You think that someday I will be able to use steemit as a blog of a theme that I love. Without the need to drag myself under the command of someone who sets their rules for me.

And that this content can be valued. Simply for what it is. Without more.

¿Without tags. Without having to participate in a contest. Without having to spend hours leaving comments to others. Without having to go buy my votes in bots. Without having to beg them to come vote for me?

Because communities are not used as they should be.

Create content with different worlds, technology, science, sports, social life, nature, photography, etc?

Because the "communities" tool is used horribly wrong.
Because it is used to continue segregating users on "trails" into "families of friends" into small users who are behind the big users who pay them.

Because a platform tool is used to further boost some people's ego. Rather than being a real tool. A tool that helps you find what you really want to find.

I don't understand anything. Maybe I'm wrong. I will not say no. I dont know.

But I don't see the real functionality that communities have. They serve exclusively to play the role of what the trails and healers used to do.

If there are more tools now, and they are supposed to be more powerful and nothing has changed. Something is wrong? Not?

SORRY for me horrible english..... I hope my opinion is sufficiently understood. 👀

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