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Hello all my esteemed friends, I get up early this morning, perform wudu, go to the mosque, perform wudu, and perform the Fajr prayer, after which I recite the Qur'an and return home after a while. I come, then I change my shoes, etc., and then I go to the mobile fields, I walk a little there, I do some exercise, and like the surroundings, I look at the plants, I look at the plants that I see. I am very happy and enjoy getting up early in the morning I got up early in the morning walking and we are very important for human health and I can feel the winds that blow in the morning The greater the impact on human health and the more cool the air is providedAfter a while the sun comes out. When I see the sunrise, the rays of the sun are very pleasing to the eyes and then after a while I come back home. I take a bath. I change my clothes. I have breakfast. I do and go to my shop and get involved in the daily work of life



Roses provide fragrance to human beings and make a good impact in human life and revolutionize human life because flowers provide fragrance forever and have been playing this role in human life for years. Flowers play a vital role in human life and human beings need to forget what is very important because the flowers that are there, especially the jasmine flowers and the roses that are there provide this fragrance. And flowers are laid at shrines and are widely used at weddings and other ceremonies andWhen a person sees flowers, a person is happy. In this picture, you can see roses. In fact, these are the flowers in our garden. There is a small garden next to our house. There are these flowers. When I went for a walk in the morning, I photographed there and photographed the flowers and these are very beautiful flowers. Believe me, I have never seen more beautiful flowers in my life.




You see some plants in pots. In fact, these are small plants that are very well cared for in our area. They are well nurtured and believe me, this is a very beautiful sight and man. It is the flowers that are most commonly found in our area and the plants that play an important role in human life and human life and human. They are essential for good health. Humans provide oxygen to humans from plants, and they take in carbon dioxide from them. Humans have many benefits. They also get firewood from humans.Actually these are palm plants and palm is very important in our area. It is used a lot more in Ramadan and palm which is very important for human health anyway. You said that palm is such a thing. That man needs strength which man gets from palm and plays a role in human life. Man gets strength and there are very good moments in man's life which man eats if he drinks it mixed with milk. If a person loves the country then he is very good and I hope all of you friends liked this post of mine and you will too.

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You made a very good post. Beautiful flowers and plants photo are captured by you. Method photo shot look like professional. Keep it up.

Thanks read post and like photography

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Beautiful photography

Keep up your good work.