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I hope all my friends are well.Friends, life should be calm.In this age of extravagance, people make rapid progress all day long۔People don't even care about their lives to earn a living for their children۔If you compare today's times with the old times, in the past there were very few road accidents.Because in the old days there was neither so much traffic nor so much lust for money۔The richer we get, the more we get away from our lives and our loved ones.Man wants to achieve a lot in his short life which is not enough for him. If Allah wills, He can give him everything. If he gets what is written in his destiny,In the same way, in the cycle of earning, man forgets his true Creator۔But what you get is what God wants and what God gives۔In the same way, in the cycle of earning a living, a person makes so many mistakes that he loses them and his life forever.

Road accident

Not as many people die of disease in hospitals as people do today die to road accidents.
The more science has progressed today, the more human life has been reduced.In earlier times, people did not have much resources and traveled mostly on foot۔Due to which there was very little rush on the roads and there were no accidents۔And today's busy highways are home to the most motorcycle accidents۔And the biggest reason for driving at a young age۔Parents give small children who have not yet come to their senses on the roads with a motorbike۔Then if a big one is going comfortably, then those small children will automatically come and hit them due to their mistake.Which leads to very big accidents۔And the second biggest reason is not knowing the principles of driving۔Most drivers do not know the rules of driving, which can lead to many accidents and many lives.In this way many precious lives are lost۔The third biggest reason is to use a mobile phone while driving۔Listening to a mobile phone while driving distracts a person from driving which leads to many accidents.
The biggest reason is not getting your car repaired properly۔Many accidents are caused by vehicles not being repaired۔Some car accidents happen because their tires are very old۔When the tires of the vehicles explode while driving, due to the high speed, the vehicles get out of control and either collide with other vehicles or fall off the road and are severely damaged.Some accidents are caused by falling asleep while driving and some accidents are caused by opening the tires of the car.Most accidents are due to bad roads۔Most road accidents are also caused by bad roads۔Because some drivers do not go on these roads on a daily basis because they do not know how bad the road is.When Amy Jaitley gets on a bad road, the driver either slams suddenly, causing the car to overturn, or the arrows hit the tires, causing the tires to burst.Many lives are lost and vehicles are severely damaged۔

Life is a priceless gift that man receives only once

Every human being has to taste death


I pray that by reading this post of mine many people will learn from it and save their lives for their children but when Allah Almighty has to put them to death they are in every situation.

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