The Diary game 06-06-2021 (I love and care for roses)

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Greetings from me to all my brothers! I want to tell you brothers. That I saw today the very sweet and beautiful blessing of Allah Almighty. Who has enriched us with Allah Almighty. I will show this blessing to your brothers too. And I want to tell you about what I did all day today. That's how I worked from this morning to this evening. So let me start
I woke up early in the morning and went to the mosque. Going there I did the washroom. I went to the ablution room and performed ablution there. Then I sat in the scene outside the mosque. I sat there for a while. Then I prayed the Fajr prayer. When I offered the Fajr prayer, I sat down. Allah began to mention the Lord of the worlds. When I finished reciting, I prayed for the security of my country
Then I went out of the mosque for a morning walk. So I set off for a morning walk. When I went to the green fields. So first I saw the very sweet blessing of Allah Almighty. All of you brothers must have heard and seen about this blessing. This is a rose plant. Which you must have seen planted in different places. The people of this plant are very attached to the show. I also love to plant this plant
When you go somewhere far away. So you go to the park there. So you must have seen it in many places around the park. It is planted small. Then it is taken care of in a very good way. Then it gradually increases. When it gets bigger. So first the leaves on it are in a very deep shape. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Then after two or three days it turns into a dodi flower
You brothers must have seen this plant planted in the parks of hospitals. Not in hospital parks but in public schools. When the flowers of this plant appear in very large numbers. So the fragrance of these flowers goes far and wide. This plant is also used as decoration. Some people like its flowers very much. You also see roses on cars
Also when a person dies. So too much of it is thrown on his bed. Then people bring a lot of flowers. These flowers are taken to the cemetery. Roses are also thrown there. These flowers are not just for laying on graves. Rose juice is also made from these flowers. Which you must have seen in the market in very large numbers. These flower heads are also used in candies inside the bakery. Also this flower is also sent as gift. You may have noticed when a school results. Even then, the students make a garland of flowers and put it around the neck of their principal
This rose flower is a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Then I went a little further. Going there, I saw a mango tree. Which was very tall and green head. A large number of mangoes were planted on top of the mango tree. I looked at him very carefully. That Allah Almighty has blessed my country with this great blessing. I was very happy to see him and began to thank Allah Almighty for His blessings. The way you must have heard is the mango fruit season in Pakistan. These are starting to be sold in huge numbers in the market. Some people like to eat mango very much
I also like the normal a lot. I am very fond of eating mango. Eating mango produces energy in the human body. And makes the heart to work. This is the king of fruits. Because it is such a fruit. It is very popular not only in our country but also abroad. This fruit of my country is eaten with great relish by foreigners. Allah Almighty has blessed my country with such a blessing. When I saw it all. So I started praising Allah Almighty again. And he began to give thanks for all the blessings of Allah Almighty

Then I came back home. When I got home I had breakfast. Then I went out for my animals. Going there I cut corn fodder with a sickle. Then I came home with this bait. Arakara I put in the back of the toke. Then I kept breathing for a while. Then I started toke. And the fodder began to cut when I finished in the face. Then I picked it up and put it in front of the animals. When the animals ate the fodder, I watered the animals

Mian want to tell you brothers. In ancient times people were four with the first hand. Then they brought a hand-held toka. This went on for a few years. They made machine-driven toka. What works with electricity has made man's life comfortable. The man had been cutting a little fodder all day. They cut a lot of fodder in half an hour. This is a great invention of the modern age


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