The Diary Game Betterlife (10/06/2021) Attend Wedding Party 🥳

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Hello my esteemed friends I am well and I hope you are all well too
Friends, I woke up early this morning.
First I cleaned my teeth, then I went to the bathroom to take a bath.
After taking a bath, I performed ablutions and went to the mosque to offer the Fajar prayers, where I offered the Fajar prayers in congregation.
After reciting the Qur'an, I went out of the mosque and went for a walk in the morning.



Today, on the way, I saw some beautiful flowers, which I took a picture of.
I am sharing with all your friends and I hope you all like this picture
Friends, today I was seeing a beautiful view in the fields.
In the morning, fresh air was blowing which made my body feel very good.


After walking a long distance in the fields, I did some exercise and then I started walking briskly. I walked fast and came back home.
When I got home, I had breakfast first because breakfast was prepared before I got home.


Today I had to send the children to school. That's why I left the children after school. went
After friends came home, I rested for a while. Today I had to go to a friend's wedding party, so I left home at about one o'clock and according to the given time, I reached the marriage hall.



It was very beautifully decorated.
Friends, it was a very nice and clean marriage hall.
Very much care was taken for cleanliness.
I liked this marriage hall very much.
Friends, after waiting for a while, the meal was started in which the chicken curry was made very tasty.



I liked this food very much and all the guests ate it to their heart's content.
Friends, in our area, wedding ceremonies are usually held in marriage halls nowadays, because of the large population, there is no space for open tents these days.
People face a lot of difficulties, which is why people get married.


If you prefer the hall then I would like to tell all of you friends that nowadays marriage hall is also a very lucrative business.
Thousands of rupees are saved for one function.
Friends, after the wedding ceremony was over, I came back home after meeting a lot of friends there.


It was so late in the evening.
It was getting dark when I reached home.
When I came back home, I watched TV news for a while.
And then I wrote my diary which I hope all of you friends will like


You have prepared the post very well and in it you have eaten food in a marriage hall etc. and celebrated your party very well and the rest you have photographed in it is very wonderful and You're doing a great job, of course

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Nice presentation
beautiful photography

keep up your good work.


Thanks sir 👍

Your post is very good and you work very hard and your photography is also very good .


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