Steemit Engagement Challenge S5-W1: Laughter is The Best Medicine



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Good day everyone, I'm glad to be participating in season 5 of this engagement challenge. I believe that we have all been waiting for this time to come and here we are.



By the way of definition, Laughter is a feeling of showing strong emotions that reveals joy, happiness, and amusement towards a situation.

Laughter is a very good way to ease off stress and anxiety which is a basic causes of sickness in the human body.

Medically, Laughter causes the release of endorphins in the body which is a hormone that has a pharmacological effect of pain relief which is the best medicine one can ever have since pain is the underlying symptom of every illness.

Also during laughter, the body takes in good oxygenated air which helps in adequate circulation of oxygen in the lungs, heart, and body muscles thereby allowing the flow of blood with enough oxygen from the heart to the various part of the body.



This event happened during my final year in secondary school in the year 2015. It was during the champions league final between Barcelona and Juventus. I was a core Barcelona and Messi fan then and everyone was aware of that. I bought a bottle of wine before the match which we were going to celebrate with if Barcelona won. Because of that, I had some fake supporters around me who were with me as the match started. I thought that they were the real guys. A few minutes after the match started, Barcelona scored the first goal and there was rejoicing everywhere from my supposed fake supporters. The match continued and suddenly when Juventus equalized, those I thought were with me started mocking me to my surprise. They wanted us to lose so that I can be the talk of the night. After I noticed this, I became very calm and started praying for us to win. Fortunately for me, we won by 3 goals to 1. This caused a whole lot of joy and laughter to the fake guys that I spotted already. I and my fellow Barcelona fans laughed so hard at them that we had to hold our stomachs. We also celebrated with wine as we planned initially and it was all shame to the fake guys and joy on our end. Indeed Laughter is the best Medicine.



No matter anything you are going through in life friends, I encourage you to take out time to watch funny comedies and laugh out your problems loud. Always being sad and frowning only makes the matter and your health worsen by the day, Try to wear a nice smile always.

I invite my friends @oguzvic @dayographix @arinzegod12 to join this engagement challenge.

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Welcome to the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE community. We hope to see more of your posts.
Laughter, uniting us as families and friends.
Thank you for participating. You've put a smile on my face :-)
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Honestly, whenever I am in a group of football fans arguing about their club, I tend to laugh because of how factual their arguments are. You have written well. Best of luck to you.

 last year 

I have really stopped arguments about football for now because it's really a time consuming activity. Thanks for stopping by.

 last year 

Nobody can stop the struggles that we must face in our lives.

But sitting with problems does not give a solution. You must be away from it. Have fun with your family or watch funny videos.We get good relief.

So we get an exact solution to our problems too.

Nice entry from you. Take care of you.

 last year 

Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate.

 last year 

I'm glad you had a lot of fun while watching your favorite football club play. Sports indeed unites people. You have written an amazing post.

 last year 

Thanks for reading through my post.

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Your club winning the match was the best shut-up you can give to your fake friends mocking you and truly you deserve to laugh so loud because their plan was ruined and they end up not enjoying the wine with you. Thank you for sharing.

 last year 

You are welcome dear. Thanks for reading and commenting.

 last year 

We should always try to smile in spite of the circumstances because we do not know how we can bring joy to our environment. Best of luck

 last year 

Thanks so much friend for reading and commenting.

He who laughs last laughs most 😌, very interesting write up👍👍

 last year 

Thanks for the encouraging words.

 last year 

Stress can make blood vessels narrow. When blood vessels narrow, blood flow will be disrupted and can cause heart disease, including heart attacks. While laughter can reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine, and increase hormones that can calm the heart.

I also share a post about laughing, if you have time please see it and I am very happy.

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