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Hi friend's,
I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

How are you all? Hope you all are well I'm fine too. I thank @klen.civil for organizing such a wonderful competition. Today I will discuss with you one of my favorite junk food. Hope you all like it. Let's start-


We all love junk food or any street food or outside snacks. Whenever we travel or go to work, we cannot stay without eating this kind of food in front of us. I eat junk food almost every day when I go out Nowadays all kinds of street food are loved by all of us. Foods of the type fried in mukhorchok oil are especially loved.



One of my favorite junk food is Paddy's. The food is available in almost all kinds of restaurants. I sometimes eat this food when I go to a restaurant. Two types of paddis are available, in our side, egg paddis, and vegetable paddis. Both taste very delicious. Its price is also very low. That's why I often go to eat it in restaurants Below is all the information about junk food-


Junk food name--Paddys (vegetables and eggs)
Price--Vegetable Paddys--Tk 15 (0.80 steem)Egg Paddis--Tk 20 (1 Steem)
Total Cost -35 Taka (1.85 Steem approx)






Yesterday, when I came home in the afternoon, I went to Kumarkhali Rahat Bakery and Confectionery to eat junk food. When I went there, I first saw the menu card. After that I didn't feel like eating anything else, for which I ordered my favorite junk food Paddy's. I ordered one vegetable paddis and one egg paddis. Since I was alone, I ordered only one plate. After some time the waiter came and gave me the food Tomato sauce is served separately with this dish With which it is very fun to eat junk food.

Vegetable paddis are made with a variety of vegetables, while egg paddis are made with eggs. Which makes it a lot of fun to eat. Sometimes when I come home, Rahat goes to the bakery. Most of the time I go with friends, but today I went alone. I finished eating the junk food and paid the bill and left to come home.

Does this kind of junk food have any effect on our health or not?

This kind of junk food does not have any bad effect on our health. Because, it is made with all the nutritious ingredients For example: eggs, various vegetables, flour, besan, etc. It is prepared first and then it is fried in oil. And then it is eaten with sauce It has no effect on our health I eat the food almost every week.

I hope you all like my junk food post today Everyone will be fine, stay healthy.

Thank you all for reading my post today.

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Thank you.

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Wow that looks delicious. Like to taste. Looks really delicious.

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Hello dear,i can see you are really enjoying your junk food☺ i wish you the best friend.

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Thank you.

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