How to write a good “My Town in 10 Pictures” posts

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Ballito, South Africa, My town in 10 pictures

Will you pay to go on a good sightseeing tour? I will!

The most written posts by far are “My diary game” posts. That was then also the reason why it was my first educational post on how to write good posts. I have not read it go and read it right now! Post link

The second most written post is “My Town in 10 Pictures”.

From what I have read, “My Town in 10 Pictures” was introduced two years ago at a time when I was not active on Steemit. Subsequently, as a curator and moderator, I have seen plenty of these posts.

Unfortunately, in general, these posts are not up to standard. So, here I am. I hope that with my post you will learn and improve on the next post you share about your town.

Read and understand the rules!

To date I have not seen one “My Town in 10 Pictures” post where the author was not participating in a contest therefore it is of utmost importance that you read the rules of the contest carefully and that you make sure that you understand what is needed from the contest.

Most of these contests expect the following;

• Sharing of information in an area
• Sharing of 10 pictures



My town stands for the city, town, village, or area where you live.

The rules of a contest will specify the kind of places you must share. Most of the time it can be anything, natural or built, for example, lakes, rivers, parks, schools, shopping centers, shops, streets, etc.

I have seen numerous posts of Steemians sharing images of railway lines and bridges. Is this wrong? Not at all.

A question I have seen: “Is it possible to add a famous river, tree or any natural things that make the town cool?”

The answer: Anything that makes the area “cool” will do.

All you need to do is to ask yourself three questions;

  1. Is this place of significance?
  2. Will I be able to write detailed information about it?
  3. Will it capture the interest of the reader?



People like to “read” with their eyes. If you can capture their attention with your images you have them right where you want them, ready to support your post.

With so many posts the pictures are where the post goes wrong.



  • There must be 10 pictures. Not less, not more, and NO duplications
  • The pictures must be your own
  • Pictures must be of good quality. Make sure your pictures are clear and straight!
  • NO large pictures. Your pictures can never be bigger than your text. You have to keep in mind that there are Steemians, curators, and moderators that use laptops and images show larger on these devices
  • Pictures must be well presented. NO skew pictures
  • Use your best picture for your main image
  • If you use a collages of pictures make sure it is neat and not "crowded".
  • Apply markdown styles by placing pictures next to each other and also right or left of your description
  • Horizontal orientation pictures are best for center images
  • Portrait orientation pictures are best for left or right placing of pictures. BEWARE! If you use a portrait picture you must use it with ample text. The text must fill the space next to the picture
  • Each picture must have a caption underneath it (Those what and where)
  • Numbering your pictures will help the readers as well as moderators but it is not a must
  • Geo-locate your pictures with any of the following applications;,,
  • The images must be from the same area (town, city, village, etc.) and not from different areas

Using a collage of pictures doesn't look nice when your post is listed on your blog or under a community therefore I prefer to use a single picture.



On the writing side we need to pay attention to the “3 T’s”;

  1. Title
  2. Text and
  3. Tags

The title:

Make sure you get the title right according to the rules of the contest and if it is not a contest post use “My Town In Ten Pictures - Name of Town/City/Place and Country”

The text:

You must write interesting facts or share some valuable information with the reader about each picture. What is even more important is that you capture and keep the attention of the reader.

As a rule, I don’t like writing more than 3 to 4-line paragraphs. By doing this I create “white space” that makes a post appear neater plus it reads so much easier.

The golden rule for when you write text; Plagiarism is prohibited.


There are tags that you must use and tags which is nice to add.

Must use tagsTags nice to use

Once you have written your post and you can see the “look and feel” of the post you can choose #tags from the second column.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter what kind of post your write check it before you post it AND after you have posted it for mistakes. There are some awesome FREE grammar checkers like that you can use.

I am looking forward to your sightseeing tours!


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 last year 

Ten photographs of my city. You have presented us with a very good post on this topic and guidance. We must be careful when using photography. Since Ten is a photography contest, we must focus on specific photography. Very nice your post today was very nice and I learned a lot and got to know. God bless you hope you stay well.

 last year 

Thank you for the visit.
I am glad that you could learn from my post.
All that remains now is for you to share a post 😊

 last year 

I havent made rgis post vefore though i have been wanting to with your tips, im sure ill be going the right alley.

 last year 

You go girl!
Kindly CC me as I would LOVE to know more about your town.

 last year 

Wow, that'll be great then.

Meanwhile have you seen my new series?
You might want to check it out and give me some feed back

 last year 

You had a visitor (•ิ‿•ิ)

 last year 

you provide a good guide for steemit users. it's very useful

 last year 

Thank you for reading the post.
If I can just help one Steemian to better his/her "My Town in 10 Pictures" it will be great!

 last year 

It's educative. A lot of things to learn!! Thank you very much for your precious guideline!!!

 last year 

Pleasure! Now all that remains is for Steemians to put it to the test. (•ิ‿•ิ)

 last year 

আমার কাছে অনেক চমৎকার চমৎকার ছবি আছে। আমি ইনশাআল্লাহ পার্টিসিপ্যান্ট করার চেষ্টা করবো।

 last year 

Well there you go!!! Now you don't have an excuse.
You've got the pics and you now know how to write that post.
Kindly CC in my post when you do write it as I would LOVE to see it.
Good luck!

 last year 

Ok mam

 last year 

the pictures you share are very beautiful.

 last year 

Except for the pic of the radio station I took all the others while taking my hubby to work.😊
I’m blessed to be living at the coast.
Thanks for the visit!

 last year 

As always, excellent advice in favor of improving our publications, I have taken each of them for myself and I will take them into account to continue improving and be more visible to other users and to curators.

 last year 

Ah!!! This is awesome.. paying it forward!
Thank you!
There is no greater pleasure than helping Steemians to improve their posts. (•ิ‿•ิ)

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 last year 

Thank you my friend!!
And congratulations on your selection as curator.
Please forgive me for not getting to you earlier. It's been 2 hectic days this side of the world.
Enjoy November!

Congratulations to you as well...!

Same here.. I lost someone dear to me. Spend some sleepless nights.

 last year 

Oh no! I’n sorry about that.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh.. it's okay. I'm good now :)

 last year 

I'm glad to hear that... good to see a smile (•ิ‿•ิ)


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Thank you! 🎕
I appreciate the support!

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