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Good night friends #Steemian & #STEEMFORBETTERLIFE wherever you are, may you always be in the protection of the almighty God, this is my first post in this community.

I served where I studied first, namely Al-Muslimun Islamic Boarding School Lhoksukon, North Aceh, Indonesia. Well, before I start telling about the activities where I serve, I want to introduce myself first. Greetings, I'm Mustafa alias @musscout, for friends who don't know me and might want to get to know me, you can check directly in the Achievemnet 1 post, .


Every educational institution wants its students to be more active in all activities, be it in the teaching and learning process or extracurricular activities, so that students are more skilled and brave to show their talents, even in our beloved Islamic boarding school. After several months of following the teaching and learning process in this semester, it was time for the exam period, approximately 3 weeks,

after the children struggled with textbooks in order to achieve maximum results in facing the exam period, of course boredom and tiredness weighed on the students' minds, the institution took the initiative to hold an extracurricular event for students and teacher councils, with the theme activities "Al-Muslimun RAIS Cup I", similar activities are also often held every year, but in the past, the name of the activity was Al-Muslimun Game or Al-Muslimun Cup. This activity has been going on since December 6, 2021.


As usual, every activity must of course have an opening, in this case, on the afternoon of December 6, 2021, our leadership officially opens the activity and takes the first ball kick as a sign that the tournament is starting, there are even some performances from students such as fire bursts, taekwondo/silat and the saman dance Aceh. There is something even more interesting about the participants in this activity, this activity was attended by students and teachers, 4 teams of students and 1 team of teachers, uniquely the team of students was taken based on the zone of origin or place of residence of the students.

Here are the team names:

    The members of JASATIM are all students who come from the Tanah Jambo Aye or Langkahan zone to East Aceh, Medan and so on.

    Members of the SEBAKTI team are students from the Seuneuddon zone, Baktiya & West Baktiya areas.

    Members of the LANTAKLAJU team are students from the Lhoksukon (Dayah location), Lapang, Matang Kuli, Paya Bakong, and Pirak Timu areas.

    Members of the LASAMSA team are students from Landeng to Sabang & surrounding areas.

  5. Team of Teachers (MG).

The sports & arts that are competed are different for boys and girls:

  1. Volleyball (Boys)
  2. Takraw (Boys)
  3. Table Tennis (Boys/Girls)
  4. Badminton (Girls)
  5. Futsal (Boys)
  6. Scouting Skill (Boys/Girls)
  7. Baseball (Girls)
  8. Spoon Marbles (Girls)
  9. Broken Dishes (Girls)
  10. Water, Newspaper & Pipette Relay (Girls)
  11. Rope Escape (Girls)
  12. Catering (Girls)
  13. Read News (Boys/Girls)
  14. Poetry (Boys/Girls)
  15. Story Telling (Boys/Girls)
  16. Cleverly (Boys/Girls)
  17. 'Azan (Boys)
  18. Memorizing Qur'an & Qur'an Tartil (Boys/Girls)
  19. Noona Hijab (Girls)
  20. Pantomime (Boys).

Each competition branch represents each student's team, except for the Teacher Team which only participates in the Sports branch. This activity is ongoing and will end on December 15, 2021.







Thank you for visiting my post, hopefully we can share more interesting experiences with each other.

Thanks to Admin and Moderator STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE

Best regard @musscout

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