Contest Reviews Rural Transportation | 7th Edition – KMP Ship Aceh Hebat 2



This time I will participate in a contest created by @irawandedy with the theme Review of Rural Transportation Contest | 7th Edition ️ Support World Smile Project Int. this time I want to review the main crossing transportation to Sabang Island. People who want to go to Sabang City or vice versa. People who want to go to the Capital City of Banda Aceh Province must use a ship. Because now the only access is via Balohan Ferry Port – Ulee Lheue


Location of Ulee Lheue Harbor

There are four types of ships that serve this route every day. They are the slow ship, KMP Aceh Hebat 2, KMP BRR, KMP Papuyu and the fast ship for Express Bahari Cantika. Slow boats cross three times roundtrip every Monday-Saturday while on Sundays sail four times back and forth. While the fast ship serves twice PP every day


The Aceh Hebat 2 KMP ship is a ship owned by the Aceh Government that uses the 2019 and 2020 APBA Budget. There are three ships approved by the DPRA, one of which is to serve the route to Sabang. The KMP Aceh Hebat 2 ship has a weight of 1,186 GT (Gross Tonage) starting operating in January 2021. This ship was built and passed the sail-worthy test in Madura, East Java Province in 2020.

The KMP Aceh Hebat 2 ship is operated by PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Banda Aceh Branch with a rental system until 2027. The rental value reaches more than 9.3 billion. From the start of operation until this month KMP Aceh Hebat 2 has transported more than 300 thousand passengers, 74 thousand 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled vehicles and 12 thousand more four-wheeled vehicles.


The time taken by the KMP Aceh Hebat 2 ship to reach Balohan Harbor is about one hour and twenty minutes. Once sailed, the KMP Aceh Great 2 ship can carry 300 passengers, 26 vehicles and 15 crew members. For those who want to get there quickly, they can use the Bahari Cantika Express Express which only takes about 40 minutes. While the old one is to take the BRR KPM with a travel time of up to two hours

Last January, the KMP Aceh Great 2 ship entered docking at the Nias Shipyard, North Sumatra for 15 days, periodic maintenance was carried out to ensure the safety and feasibility of the KMP Aceh Great 2 ship sail. The most passengers who boarded the KMP Aceh Great 2 ship sat on the roof . This sighting was seen when entering the Lebaran Holiday yesterday. Even though it's not recommended, my friend who went upstairs said that sitting on the top was easier to see around, thank God, thank you, you can see a herd of dolphins.


With four ships sailing daily to Sabang, it makes access for tourists easier. Moreover, the ticket price for the KMP Aceh Hebat 2 Boat Ride is around IDR 28,000 or about 8.7 Steem only. Excluding the cost of the vehicle if you bring a vehicle. Have you ever been on the Great Aceh KMP Ship 2. If so, please share your experiences here


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