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Hello Everyone. I am @msharif
From #Bangladesh


How is everyone? I hope everyone is very well. I am very well with the blessings of all of you. Had a very good day. Whenever Bangladesh has a game against any other country, playing cricket again is a little special to me from all other days. I was very happy and delighted to know when the game would start and when I would watch the game. With everything in mind, I woke up fresh and then went out because I planned to have breakfast outside. This time I came home after breakfast. I came home and took pictures. Then I started writing my daily activities and sharing them with you. Then I did different things. After working like this till about eleven o'clock, when the work was coming to an end, I took a little walk because I don't like to sit and work more than one.

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Then I went to my own verandah and saw that our Maltese tree was in bloom. I took pictures of the flowers of the Maltese tree. There are more other tree flowers that we can grow that I like a lot. I take care of them all the time and take pictures. Then I took a good picture and shared it with you because everyone likes it. Then I took a picture and left. Someone has to pray to take a bath. Then I prayed and then we sat together and had lunch. Without wasting time eating and drinking, I came to my room and started waiting for my game to start.

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Then my game started and I started watching the game. It was very good. I saw batting in Afghanistan. Although the bowlers of Bangladesh bowled very well, the batsmen of Afghanistan could not score much. Then I started watching the batting game of Bangladesh. It was very good. When I looked at the batting of Bangladesh, I saw that Bangladesh were out for 46 runs. Seeing this, I got very upset and thought that Bangladesh might not be able to win this match. So I left without wasting time to go for a walk outside. I walked straight to the police station from then on.

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Then I walked there for a long time. The weather was very good and everything seemed very good to me so I didn't feel very good about walking. I walked till evening and then came home. When I came home and prayed Maghrib prayers, I saw that Bangladesh had won the match because of two youngsters. I was so happy to hear that I started waiting for the next matches and immediately saw the highlights. Then I started working out how to do my job. I ate and drank with everyone and fell asleep at night.

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Thank you for reading my diary game post. Stay safe, stay happy


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