Betterlife The Diary Game (19-11-2021) : An amazing day with my friends || By @msharif


Hello Everyone. I am @msharif
From #Bangladesh


How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. I am much better with your prayers and love. And I always try to be good and to be good. I woke up in the morning like every day and freshened up well. Then my mother gave breakfast to all of us. Then we sat together and had breakfast. Then he sent me to the market and then I bought some essentials and curry from the market and went home. Then I came to my room and started working. I regularly work on my favorite platform every day which gives me a lot of pleasure. Then I did a post for about an hour, then I posted and did other work on this platform.

Then at one o'clock in the afternoon, I took a bath and went to the mosque for ablution because it was Friday and I went to the mosque for Friday prayers. After the prayers, I sat down with everyone and had lunch, and enjoyed the T20 cricket match between Bangladesh and Pakistan. While watching the game, I shared my daily activities on my favorite platform.

Morning working time at home

Since it was a Friday then almost all of my friends were free so we planned to meet together. Then they came to Joydevpur and called me. Then I went to meet them. We all met at Joydebpur Bazar. We have a famous shop in Joydebpur Bazar where very good quality Yoghurt Chira is available. Then we went there and sat down and chatted with everyone, then we ate and talked and took pictures for a while and then we left.

Then we went to a well-known shop for tea where cow's milk tea is available at 10 rupees. Then we sat in hope and had tea and then chatted for a while more. Then I spent a lot more time there talking.



Eating favorite food with best friends

Then we had to buy some necessary things because a few days later a friend of mine will go to Cox's Bazar to buy some pants then I went there with someone. Then we bought two pants of our choice. Then I went to the playground with them because I will start playing badminton so I had to fix my bat. I had to buy some necessary things for them. I bought them.

amazing time at joydebpur bazar

After walking around for a while, the friends all said goodbye because everyone has work tomorrow night. After saying goodbye to everyone, we came to Joydebpur Bazar hand in hand. Then I took a rickshaw and went straight home. I came home and sat with everyone and talked for a while then came to my room and spent some time on my favorite platform. Then around 10:30 pm I sat down with everyone and talked for a while, then I ate and drank. Then I came to my room and listened to music for a long time. After doing various other things, I fell asleep.

amazing time at joydebpur bazar
Thank you for reading my diary game post. Stay safe, stay happy



Have a Happy #club75 Day 😀

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Thank you so much sir for always supporting me like this I will increase my power at this speed.
#club75 😃

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This support is huge, am happy for you thank you @steemcurator01

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This guy made the same comment 12 hours ago. He can power up, But isn't it spam to comment again and again? @steemcurator01

Enjoy yourself, what an entertaining time to be with friends and family. It's so refreshing whem you explore with loved ones, especially when you decide to accum new gems on a single platform
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You really had a splendid day sir, enjoy as much as you can. Thanks for sharing

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much sir for the nice comment.

 2 months ago 

I wish you all the best for this beautiful day. The next day I was curious to know about it.


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Thank you bro ☺️

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Club5050 😀

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