Announcement of Joining 50/50 Club by SC01, read this before it's too late | # We also supports movement #club100


We also supports movement #club100

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Screenshot of the announcement by the Steemit SC01 team.

Tim Steemit, in this case steemcurator01 has announced the latest information about Club 50/50. They are looking for people to join Club 50/50 for extra support from steemcurator01 and steemcurator02, this information was passed on Monday night (11/10/2021) at 22:02 WIB.

When this announcement was made, many people had joined. But very few understand about the purpose of Club 50/50, for that this article was deliberately made so that active steemian in Indonesia better understand how the correct way to join this program.

Tim Steemit also said that the program would be a full project if everyone who joined Club 50/50 was able to work fairly, accurately, and no one tried to exploit this program.

Of course this is a very good and profitable program, through this writing I would like to invite everyone who joins the Club 50/50 to maintain the trust and trust of Team Steemit, so that in the future this will run into a full project.


Club Joining Rules 50/50


The Steemit team has explained that this program is only for people who are committed to improving their account, at least you need to use 50% of the liquid rewards you have received to do Power Up.

For example, if you have received a reward of 10 SBDs from postings payments, then you must use 5 SBDs to Power Up your account. The Steemit team will check and search for whether your account has made a Power Up that exceeds any amount of sales or transfers from STEEM or SBD.

# Remember you have to commitment if you join here.


2.How to join

If you want to join this program you can use the #club5050 tag on your post.

Keep in mind there are no sound guarantees here, but Team Steemit will continue to search for and monitor anyone using #club5050 tags.


Until now only the two rules above are important to remember, there is not any yet rules about SP limits, account levels, and more.

So this post, thank you to my friends who have read this post. Greetings and see you in my next post.


I Thank you to @steemchiller, @stephenkendal, @pennsif who have worked hard every time to develop steemit applications.

By @miftahulrizky


#club5050 😀

Excellent work, Steem on!

 9 days ago 

Thank you my friend.

Hi steemit team,i request @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to kindly consider my issue and please recover my hive account that was stolen.both my steemit and hive accounts are stolen and i got my steemit account recovered and i left out with hive.for my both accounts recovery account is @steem


I got my steemit account recovered


Please recover my hive account too.i sent all details regarding recovery in email to [email protected] check once.

With regards,

 9 days ago 

We strongly support this great idea #club5050, we can understand the impact of Club 50/50 for the growth of steem in a better direction. We hope no one exploits this program.

If this program can be implemented, the beautiful dream of living with steem will be felt by everyone.

The more people who have power on their accounts, the more people who can provide valuable voice support to others. It's going to be so beautiful.

Thank you sir @steemcurator01 for this great idea. Greetings and success is always for you.🤝


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Peace & Love!

 9 days ago 

mohon maaf sebelumnya, disini kami ingin menyampaikan bahwa anda tidak berhak menyampaikan pengumuman apapun di komunitas karena ini adalah hak admin dan mod untuk ke depan pengumuman seperti ini biasa anda tulis di blog
terimakasih atas perhatiannya

 9 days ago 

Mohon maaf saya tidak mengetahui nya, terimakasih telah memberitahu saya. Saya tidak akan mengulangi nya lagi.

 9 days ago 

Terimakasih juga telah berkontribusi di Steem for Better life

 9 days ago 

Insyallah saya akan selalu berkontribusi secara aktif dalam komunitas ini, karena komunitas memberikan suara dan dukungan yang adil kepada membernya. Saya senang bergabung dengan komunitas hebat ini, saya siap membantu jika suatu saat diperlukan. Terimakasih.

Kinerja anda bagus. Tolong ikuti aturan main 😂 tiada dua