Food Contest : Review Favorite Food For Iftar Menu

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In the Ramdhan edition of the food contest this time I want to see what foods are the steemian favorites regarding the iftar menu. Where I focus on this food contest as a form of promotion or introduction of food from various countries that are part of the iftar menu. The contest also aims to support the World Smile Project by distributing a small portion of its earnings to designated charitable accounts.

To take part in the food contest this time, I as the organizer have compiled various guidelines for steemians to participate as I mentioned below :

  1. Must post in the Steem For Betterlife community and have been verified as a member or delegate
  2. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited (meaning the content must be exclusive and original with the #steemexclusive sign)
  3. All relevant languages ​​are allowed
  4. Show and tell why you like the food, and if you cook it how is the process (recipe), and interesting things that you think need to be shown.
  5. Use a minimum of 4 original photos and a word count of no less than 250 words
  6. Use Post Title Food Contest : Review Favorite Food For Iftar Menu - The name of the food
  7. You must use the tag #iftarfood, among your 4 tags
  8. Contest entrants must distribute 25% of their submitted prizes to a charity account, namely @worldsmile
  9. Participants may not use any auto-vote services.
  10. Participants must meet the requirements of #club5050 #club75 or #club100
  11. Paste your post link in this post to make searching easier besides searching using the #iftarfood tag as a guide
  12. Upvote and resteem this post
Prize Pool
  1. 15 Steem Power + Booming support for the best three posts
  2. Surprise from steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 in the form of positive votes if your content is considered interesting.
  1. We can't guarantee that the winners will get support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02
    The jury's decision is irrevocable
  2. Contest posts will be found with the hashtag #iftarfood by the organizers
  3. Entries start when this post is posted and will end when this post claims a prize
  4. Main Image from and edited using
Scoring System
  1. All entries will be judged by the jury @irawandedy and @miftahuddin
  2. All judges' decisions cannot be contested at the time the contest announcement is published

Finally, I congratulate you on participating in Food Contest : Review Favorite Food For Iftar Menu, I hope we are all in good health without any shortcomings.

Cc : @pennsif @el-nailul @heriadi

Signed, Contest Organizer


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 11 months ago 

Insya Allah I will join in this contest 😊

 11 months ago 

A really key contest. I am a proud foodie, I eat virtually all kinds of food and I am working on my cooking to perfect my cooking skills. Deciding a favourite food would definitely prove tasking but I would do well to participate

 11 months ago 

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 11 months ago 

Kontes yang sangat bagus. Semoga lancar dan sukses.

Best regards!

 11 months ago 

@klen.civil What do we need to do to become a verified member? Please guide us so that we too can participate in the contest.

 11 months ago 

I've given the label, and it's time for you to show your participation in this contest and this community according to your other favorite posts. Greetings from Aceh-Inronesia for those of you who are in Pakistan, hopefully this month of Ramadan will bring blessings to all Muslims

 11 months ago 

@Klen.civil Thank you so much for labeling me a member. I will be participating in the contest very soon and will keep coming to your community. May Allah bless all Muslims in this month of Ramadan and ease all your difficulties. Aameen

 11 months ago 


 11 months ago 

Hi dear @klen.civil, huge shout out for your contest organization in this community, i would like to remind you about the catch up vote for my this participation Booming vote was closed when i won the sustainable food system competition. Hope you adress this now.

 11 months ago 

Please make a diarygame post and share the reward to the @worldsmile account 25% in lieu of the contest terms. Let me know when you've made it

 11 months ago 

Okay sure.

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