The Diary Game- Special activities of my day - [24 September 2022 ]


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Assalamu Alaikum

How are all my friends on Steemforbetterlife. Hope everyone is well. Alhamdulillah I am very well. Today I am sharing with you different types of work of my day in diary form. Every day people live with some good and bad deeds and laughter and sorrow. Some benefit people and some harm. Yet life does not stop at a fast pace. So let's see all the words of my diary.

#Daytime Activites


Time to walk outside after morning prayers

Today Friday was a very holy day for Muslims. I woke up early in the morning. I woke up and went to the mosque to pray Fajr. After praying, I came home. I came home early and then went out for a walk. I walked for a while. Then I took a picture of the pond where fish is cultivated in the pond next to the house.


After walking in the morning, it is time to come home and have breakfast

I finished walking and came home. Come home and get fresh. After getting fresh, I have breakfast in the morning. After that I do some housework. After finishing work, I went to the garden next door.


While working in your own ginger garden

I made a garden next to the house. I cultivated ginger in that garden. I went to that garden and cleaned the garden. Then I fenced the garden. After that I came home after some time. I come home and take a fresh shower. Take a bath and get ready to pray.


To visit graves in graveyards after finishing Jummah prayers

Azan is given on the day of Jumma. After performing ablution, I went to the mosque to pray. After finishing the prayer, I went to the cemetery to visit the grave. Go to the cemetery and visit the grave. After that I went home after some time. After coming home, I have lunch. After lunch, I watch YouTube movies for a while. Then go to rest.

Get out of bed in the afternoon and get fresh. Go to the mosque to perform ablution and pray. I finished the prayer and went home. After coming home, I sit at home for some time. After that I went out for a walk to the field. After walking in the field for some time, I came home. Come home and rest a little. Evening comes.

#Nighttime Activites


Evening clothes market time to buy clothes

When it is evening, I go to the mosque to pray Maghrib. Finish the prayer. Then go to the cloth market towards the market. I went to the market to buy clothes and looked for clothes of my choice. I looked around at several shops. I left the cloth market because I didn't like the clothes. Then I ate fuska at the fuska shop.


In the evening it is time to visit the railway station

After eating fuchka, after that head towards the railway station. The railway station is beautifully decorated with lights. We stood there for a while. Then take some pictures. After that we climbed on the overbridge and stood in the air for some time. After that we went home. In the meantime Esha's call to prayer was made. When Isha Azan, I perform ablution and go to the mosque to pray. I finished the prayer and came home quickly.


Time to eat bread and vegetables at night

I came home and had dinner, bread and vegetables. After that I wrote the diary of the whole day's work. Then I watched YouTube for a while. Then I went to sleep. This was the diary of the whole day's work on Friday. I hope you like it. Thanks for the post.

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 2 months ago 

Hello, it seems to me a day of recreation where prayer is always present.

I love the photo of the pond it looks so relaxing,I like to grow,wow many plants ,are the ginger ones I think so.

Thanks for those nice pictures of the station, the truth is that I have never been on a train, here on the island we don't have them.

A hug and happy day.

 2 months ago 

Thank you

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