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RE: A look at Smilenigeria achievement [Under Worldsmile Project)


Your dad had given you one of the best advices a good father would.
Baseless arguments are of no use.

Steemit is an open platform where your activities and progress are plainly seen by everyone.

Yours is no different, your stellar contributions, dedication and commitments to assigned projects are not hidden.

It sounds very awkward to speak of negligence on your part when your goal has been geared towards helping your communities and others grow of which I and other steemians are living testimonies.

In my view, I suggest that your blog be subject to review to erase this misconception and maintain your reputation in the blog.

 last year 

Wow..,that's tourching..

Thank you so much for your kind words. And I am glad i could offer such a little contribution to the community.

It's not wise to engage in any comment that can lead to argument or exchange of hard words....this is social media and we have life after here.

Keep beign active...and focus!

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