The Diary Game - A Day With Stressful Beginning and Happy Ending - 10-05-2024



Being a weekend I had already planned that I would be indoors studying for my examination but with the way things went, I had to adapt to what the day provided for me. In the morning when I wake up around 6:20 am I log in to Steemit and publish a post earlier so I can be able to focus on my studies.

I was about to open my management information system book and study, before my pleaded with me, to follow him to the market, which I did. We both went to the market where I used the opportunity and buy items for soup.



After my return from the market I bought beneseed and other ingredients from the market, I pleaded with my friend to help me and cook it since I didn't know how to prepare beneseed soup but knew how to eat it. Why my friend was busy in the kitchen cooking, I went into my room and began searching for a pathfinder on the ICAN website, so I would know where and how to prepare myself for the examination.

At that point, I saw what I was searching for, the food my friend, was helping me to cook, became ready and she served me some portion of the food. I couldn't finish the portion of the food she served me, because I don't like eating heavy food much no matter how sweet the food is.


After eating, I rested, for some minutes before I then went into my reading room so I could study. Due to the heavy food that I eat before going to read I couldn't sit down on my reading chair and focus, so I left the reading table to bed.


I studied for 1 hour or so, before I became tired of reading, due to the stress that I faced at the market and since I had planned not to go out until evening, I took my bath and rested by sleeping with the hope that I would continue reading from where I stop.


Waking up to read, my tiredness became a stronger one, and I couldn't hold it than to take a walk out of my environment. I dressed up, came out of my room, and took a taxi to Marsha restaurant so I could relax.


At Marsha restaurant, while relaxing, I bought a cake and Nutri-yorgout. I spent 1 hour at the Marsha restaurant not knowing that time had already gone far. I left the restaurant for my apartment around 7:45 pm. Reaching my apartment I couldn't study from the book, but instead, I studied from the PDF file on my phone before I slept off.


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I am pleased to see your devotion to studying. Our aim can only be accomplished via tremendous effort. Continue your effort; one day, you will be rewarded with a prosperous future. Have a pleasant day.

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Thank you, for your good wishes.

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You are welcome.

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Best of luck for the upcoming examination.
is the the soup is made form vegetables or meat?

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