Every child is unique, it may be a boy of a girl, they are created by Supreme God

Good day all. My brother's girlfriend is pregnant of 7-months now. I want to share to all of you that we had the simple gathering for the gender reveal of the child.

My brother is working away from my mother's home. He is not married yet, but she had a girlfriend of long-distance relationship. Who would have thought that the girl will become pregnant? Anyways, it's their thing how she became pregnant while my brother's away. Maybe they visited each other once in a while.

Since my brother is visiting our mother, we traveled a little to go there for a gathering. When we arrived, they were having a laboratory test in a nearby diagnosistoc center, so I and mys sister prepared the table.

We went to the nearby mall to buy a design of cake. I also buy spaghetti for cook and cooked pork liempo and chicken.


When they arrived home, everything is set already. My sister had prepared a balloon with a colored paper inside indicating if it is a boy or a girl. Before she pop the balloon, we let them blow the cake first and have a picture taking. As a soon to be aunt, I am very excited to know about my first pamangkin(child of my siblings). After the pictorial, everyone is ready and the couple is excited to pop the balloon.


What do you think it is?

Well, for me, I already experienced 2 pregnancies then I can say, maybe it's a girl because I am looking on the physical feature of the pregnant mom. The mom look beautiful with radiant skin that's why I am relying in the myth I believe before.

My mother is looking for a boy. We have many girls at home, my little cousins and my little children are all girls. So my mother, as a grandma is wishing for a baby boy.

But let's believe on the ultrasound. Whatever it is, I will care and love the child because I believe it is a gift from above.

Are we all ready to know?



Yeah. It is still a girl. But my brother seems happy. He may not feel it right now, but later on when he sees the baby, it will change his entire life.

Everyone is happy..We congratulate the couple. And my mother prepared the table for the lunch of everyone.


We ate lunch together. We thank God for the blessings that we received especially good health. My mother's house is filled with laughter and happiness because of the children around her house.

This has been my diary game today.
I am inviting @o1eh and @moyeon to pass by and write your own story, too.

Best regards,



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Congratulations 👏🎉

 last month 

thank you my friend


Congratulations 🥳

 last month (edited)

So if the mom looks beautiful it's a girl? I looked like shit during each one of my pregnancies, vomited till the end guess what came out? 😉

I wonder if the mom knew the gender I did and was slways right.

Nice cake, it makes me want to bake one too, with whipped cream though.

Congratulations. Girls are super cool!

 last month 

It is only a myth, i think

There are also those who say the pendulum works. Hold it above the belly. Swings the pendulum back and forth it is a boy, spins in circles a girl. There are also those who say they can tell by the shape of the belly. I never officially knew the gender until after the birth. I still find it weird that ultrasounds are done and even aborted for this too. And if you are disappointed about the gender, is that disappointment felt by the unborn child for 5 months?


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