The diary game, betterlife with steem,12 February 2022

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Hello dear steemians, how are you all? I hope you are doing well.Today I am here with another diary and I hope you all get time to read and explore a new day of my life and also find it worth reading and upvoting.

Today i got up early and after performing ablution went for the morning prayers to a nearby mosque and after finishing the prayer i stayed in the mosque till 8:00AM to get some warmth as it was very cold outside.I found it better to stay in the Hamam (room built in such a way that wood can be burnt underneath to make the floor of the room warm in these winter days).After i returned home i firstly had my breakfast and then went to my room to take my current affairs class.Meanwhile i got a call from my colleague in the office to reach office to attend a special meeting with the BLOCK DEVELOPMENT OFFICER.As i heard the message i went to quickly get ready for office and left home at 10:30AM and after about half an hour i reached office and fortunately i was on time for the meeting.
After finishing the meeting i along with my colleague went to a restaurant in srinagar and had some oily food.I loathe oily foods but still my friends liked it i didn't want to become a black sheep.
IMG_20220212_161758.jpgin the restaurant

We spent almost an hour in the restaurant because of some delay from the servers.Still being humble and kind to them we didn't even complain.
I left srinagar city at 5:00PM and it takes me an hour to reach home normally and if some untoward happen then it takes more.Same was the case for me today ,there was no bus available on our route and had to wait for almost one hour at that place.After i found no clues of the bus i asked the same from a person there who told me that the bus stand had been shifted from that place and that added to my miseries because i had to walk more than 1 km distance to reach there.And eventually i got a bus home.I reached home at 7:00 PM.
1644665504453..jpgreturning home
On reaching home i drank a cup of tea and felt fresh after that.I relaxed for half an hour and then went to my room to start my studies.Now i am writing this post while i took a break from the studies.
Thank you all.

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