GENERAL CASH BOOK 📚 @worldsmile ACCOUNT CHARITY | Third Week of November 2021 Publication

50% Reward To Charity Account: @worldsmile @adollaraday

World Smile Project Contributors...!

As a form of transparency and accountability to donors who continue to allocate funds through reward sharing to the @worldsmile charity account, On behalf of the Steem For BetterLife Community and the Smile World Project Manager, I will never stop thanking those who donate regularly so that we can run all programs under the World Smile Project so far. This publication is an embodiment of the implementation of the mandate for donors and we, the managers of the World Smile Project, continue to update the @worldsmile account Revenue so that revenue transparency and accountability is realized.

The previous Cashbook period we have published income and expenses from this charity account according to the realization and need in the form of Steem, SBD and TRX coins. Regarding the use of the budget in cash, it will be reported by the financial manager at the Regular Post.
We convey that financial realization in general can be seen in the World Smile Project Leader Post (@miftahuddin) in a post that will be published after this report is published, while physical realization can be reported through a post submitted by @klen.civil with the theme "World Smile Project : Construction of Free Education Center - Update November 18, 2021".

The current income of the World Smile Project through a Charity account can be seen in the General Cash Book below.

In the Cash Book above there are 3 main columns:

  1. Debit : This column describes the overall account income before being allocated for the implementation of the Program, there is a line, The total amount that can be seen so far is 1,255.130 SBD as of 21 November 2021, continued on the left side of 22.005 STEEM, 2,255.316 SP , and 2,143.893 TRX.
  2. Credit: This column describes the amount of assets used, so far 530 SBD has been used in 2 program activities, including the development of a Free Education Center in North Aceh Regency, Aceh Province, and Early Childhood Education Assistance in North Aceh Regency.
  3. Account Balance: This section describes the current cash condition, meaning that the total income is reduced by the allocation of funds for the program. The general cash book above shows the cash position in the form of 714.150 SBD, 22.005 STEEM, 2,255.316 SP, and 2,143.893 TRX.

The updated balance will be realized for the implementation of the World Smile Project program, namely in the form of finishing the development of Free Education and continuing the Suitenable Organic Food Source Support Program package. Besides that, we will also realize other programs on World Carbon and this will be decided in an internal meeting of the World Smile Project in the near future.

The following is the cash position of the charity account in the form of a screenshot

Jepretan Layar 2021-11-20 pukul 23.48.28.png

Considering that many essential World Smile Project programs have not been realized due to inadequate financial needs, we sincerely hope that all elements can continue to encourage asset increase by continuing to share Rewards as before. Thank you for the contributions and hard work of all elements of the community so far, hopefully, the World Smile Project can continue to spread smiles throughout the world.

Cc: @el-nailul @heriadi @pennsif


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Saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas Achievement 6 saya, jika terdapat kalimat yang salah mohon untuk dikoreksi bg..

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Assalamu’alaikum Bang @irawandedy

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Achievement 5.Task 2 by @muchin Tugas : Review

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Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy, Alhamdulillah saya sudah membuat naskah achievement 5 task 2, Mohon di koreksi bang mungkin ada salah dalam naskah saya, Ini adalah tautan achievement 5 taks 2 saya :

Maaf jika menggangu waktunya bang, Terima kasih bang @irawandedy

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