🌺Club100🙂||Weelky power up - 11.796 Steem||50% beneficiaries for worldsmileproject by @forhadmiya 🇧🇩

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Hello friends,
how are you all I hope by the grace of God everyone is fine. I am also good by the grace of God. I got full steam power up of my weekly income, in future also I will be by the side of the steem for betterlife with power up.

Before power-up




After power-up

My current SP is 669.521# My next target is to reach 2000 SP Hopefully I can reach my goal as soon as possible. Thanks, @steemitblog for supporting us.

My power-up in last 27 days


My power-up now


I appreciate everyone who took the time to help me achieve my goal, especially steemit team. As a result, I pledge my complete support to #club5050 now and very soon #club75 In Sha Allah and pledge to use my voting power to effectively vote for good material. I now have 0.6K Effective Steem Power which is I'm using to give votes to minnows. My next target is 1000 SP. I hope I may achieve that soon.

Special thanks to admin and moderator :

@irawandedy - Admin(WSP Manager).
@miftahuddin - Admin(WSP Manager).
@el-nailul - Admin(Initiator).
@heriadi - (Delegator/CR).
@steembetterlife. MOD(Community Official Account)
@steem.education - Moderator(community account).
@worldsmile - Moderator (charity international).
@sofian - Moderator.
@klen.civil- Moderator.
@liasteem - Moderator


My introduction :

I am Md. Forhad Miya. My user ID name is @Forhadmiya. I am studying Masters (new) 1st year student. As much as I can, I stand by the side of the poor and needy and help them as much as I can. Inshallah I will be by their side all my life. I wish everyone blessings and support everyone.

🌼🌺🌿 Thanks all🍁🥰🌿

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We haven't verified you as club100 because on 2021-11-10, at 00:36 you will cash out to deepcrypto8 in the amount of 1,983 SBD with memo 108181156. You can only join the club on February 10 and that too if you don't cash out back out

 4 months ago 

Yes sir. I forgot @ deepcrypto8 sir and cashed my cash out. Anyway I forgot that I will be waiting to become a member of Club 100 now sir.

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