If you want to give a gift, give a book...📖️📚❤️

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Hi my loving friends...

A person who reads books knows how interesting it is. This is a gift I received today. The name of the book is "රහසින්වත් love නොකල සේක".


It is difficult for me to put the feeling of breathing with books into words...📚🤗
Books are universal work...🌌
What to say about love, people of the world, very beautiful things, about life, about history, about cultures, different emotions of life have been collected and written in it so that you can read them🥹
I'm not afraid of getting old!🙃
I know I will not be alone if I have books with me...🌻🤍💛💚

If you love books, there are so many beautiful books like this. Read it. I will also read this book and tell you beautiful things. And if you want to give your friends a memorable gift, give them a book, I repeat. Thank you so much for giving me this book.

Thank you for reading my post😊

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 2 months ago 

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