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Hello friends, it's my pleasure to meet with us today in my today's review on natural disasters as it affects my region. I implore everyone to patiently explore through my write-up as I continue.

Talk about the natural disaster in your place

I know too well that most of us are very acquainted with the concept of natural disaster, probably in a more practical or theoretical way.

Though most disasters are synthetic, natural disasters could be seen as an abrupt calamitous occurrence that causes great destruction or damages.

Nevertheless, these damages are seen daily in our society and I've witnessed some of it in my area, and they majorly range from; flooding, sinking or falling of buildings and land drifts which comes as a result of heavy erosion.

There is no proper drainage system in my area which is the major cause of flooding at most locations of my place.

Most soils in my location are not really good for certain buildings like upstairs but due to the rate of ignorance of the majority of our builders who would want gain certain contracts by all means, they would go on building on most bad soils that does not have the capacity to carry certain structures and hence this causes natural disaster.

Finally, we have experienced severe land drift that has malignantly affected the majority of our road systems although the main cause of this has been that the majority of our drainage structures are not properly built to check erosion at all times.

Areas they affect.

As I have already emphasized, the natural disaster in my area majorly affects our road systems and houses. Although there are other places in my country that are affected by natural disasters, the major ones that I have witnessed are the heavy erosion and land drifts in my place and other surrounding communities to be precise.


Pix of our road

This road is located in my village and it connected all other villages in my place but around 2009 the road was awarded to be fixed but the money was embezzled by those that got the contract and a poor drainage system was constructed then which later got worse and caused a land drift and a big gully in 2014 and it has been that way till date.

So this very natural disaster affected my community's road to be precise, which has formed a very big golf that is about 50ft or 16m+ deep and this has posed a great threat to the villagers as people could no longer walk without fear through that spot.

flooded zone at Lodu Ndeme community

This second place is located at Lodu Ndeme, a village located south of my state capital. This place normally gets flooded with erosion because of the poor drainage system. This water is on a tarred road but it's highly appalling because once it starts flooding, many houses around here normally get affected.

This very natural disaster at Lodu Ndeme has a dual but negative effect in this part of my state as it affects the road and villager's houses.

The fact is that there are other natural disasters in my place but these are the ones I was able to snap by myself.

How do they cause ruin?

Like I explained above, the flood normally gets into people's houses, thereby causing damages as it destroys their properties. The flood also causes damage to the road as it floods across the tarred road and weakens it.

Like the land drift in my village particularly, it has claimed acres of land and the owners of those landed properties can't make good use of them again because they can't lower 16+ meters deep to do something reasonable with the land.

So they cause ruin by devastating our road systems, scattering and destroying people's properties which includes their landed properties.

>How are the people affected?

The people are affected in diverse ways. For instance, people who are affected by floods as a natural disaster have their home equipment destroyed.

People who have some land establishments in my community have their land rendered useless as a result of the drift.

People in my community now walk with fear whenever they are taking that route. So we have been affected with the fear of not just the current drift but also a further destruction of people's landed properties.

The most probably cause of it
Was there a prior alert from the Government?

The most possible cause of this disaster is the improper dranages that is constructed with these affected places.

On the other hand, from the instance of the observed Land drift in my village, the government has already noticed or foreseen what was happening to our road before awarding the contract to some People in my location which was later diverted and only limited to the construction of a poor drainage system. So in my community's instance, there was a prior government alert before the drift.

Regarding the flooding at Lodi Ndume, I observed that the cause of the flood is also as result of poor drainage system, but since this has become obvious to the People, they no longer need a prior alert from the government as to keep alert against the flood because since nothing has been done to mitigate against it, the People are now used to the flood as it occurs yearly.

What can you do in case of a situation like that?

In a situation like flood, I need to move out of that environment against incurring further damage since no one is set to come to the villagers' rescue.

In the case of a Land drift like that of my community, I really need to be very careful while walking through that spot against falling into the deep gulf.


I would have answered the last question but since the situation at hand is quite what i've witnessed, I thereby have to draw the curtain here. Finally natural disasters are real and it has also posed a great threat to all affected places if not for certain global or group assistance.

We must make sure that we keep our drainages clean against falling prey to flooding, moreover we have to call on our different geographical governments to always come to our rescue if we notice something wrong with our environments.

Thanks for checking on my blog. I wish to invite my friends to join in this pretty contest.

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 3 months ago 

Floods happen very often and disturb many people, we don't know how the rainfall which later becomes a disaster,
We must be vigilant and I am very concerned about the calamity that occurred,
Success for you👍

 3 months ago 

Thanks for your pretty concern, the fact is that flood is very disastrous and we must do the much we could to control the little erosion at our reach before it turns to flood.

 3 months ago 
Having very loose Sandy soil have been the reason why places in the south often have clogged drainage. With the loose soil, even less torrential flow of water can eroded the land. Come over to my town and see what gully erosion has made out of the landscape which will require huge sum of money to fix.
 3 months ago 

Thanks for your review and your contribution likewise cheers bro.

 3 months ago 

Wow indeed i heard about thus friend am so so sorry about the flood indeed this will take a lot of money to repair all this also thanks for the invite

 3 months ago 

I'm grateful for your noble show up on my post. I believe that the rainy season is also a major factor that has contributed to this very menace. Thanks once again for being pretty humane Bro.


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