The Diary Game || 19-06-24 || Performing Stretching/Abs/Football Exercises with Steemians


picture of the team stretching

It was another day to stay fit with steemians and others in my Street. I've been there on Monday and I had to go there yesterday since it is four times weekly. On Monday, abs exercises were done followed some stretching and weight lifting. This is a post link summary of my day that Monday. More was done yesterday and it was the most exciting day.

Heading to the training Center

I woke up early yesterday morning. Thankfully, I slept that night compared to other nights. My sleeping early was to wake up early in preparation for the training. It wasn't a public holiday compared to Monday and I expected less people. To my greatest surprise, the number of people present on Monday even increased. The club is gradually taking roots in the street.

In no time, they'll be more people than expected and the interesting thing about this club is that majority are Steemians. The presence of @ngoenyi being our coach, @alli001, @kidi40, me @bossj23, @fifapresido @glorybaby1 and @chichigirl were felt. There were 7 programmes as usual but different from the ones done on Monday. These includes

  • mountain climbing
  • dumbbell stretches
  • dumbbell lifts
  • moving plank
  • raised body lift
  • stretches
  • football
Mountain Climbing

This was done by placing both hands on a step board, stretching your legs as if you're planking. When this is attained, you take both legs up a d down as if you're running. This exercise is to stimulate your triceps and muscles and also flatten your stomach, making room for fat burning. We were instructed to carry this out 4 times by 20 counts each. It wasn't that easy and needed endurance to push. My stat that day....

Mountain Climbing4 times by 20 counts
StatCompleted ✅
Dumbbell Stretches or abs exercise

This was the second programme I was exposed to completing the mountain climbing exercise. I think this was the hardest of it all because the pains was to be felt on the abdomen, creating rooms for abs formation. With how hungry I was that morning, bending my stomach in created more pains but I had to endure.


The program was to be done by sitting on a step board, creating an arc with your stomach as your back moves backwards, stretching your legs forward, lifting the dumbbell up and then take it down to touch your toes. It wasn't that easy to accomplish. The first start was quite easy though but the second was difficult.

I felt the pain everywhere and my eyes were turning. My arms felt it badly and my stomach as well. It was for the best but I didn't complete it. So bad. The same count was given it. 4 times and 20 counts.

Abs exercise3 times by 20 counts
StatIncompleted ❌
Dumbbell lifts

I didn't even bother doing this programme after the pains were felt everywhere. I did media work, capturing the scene as others were doing it.



Moving Plank

This was another exercise to reduce belly fats. This was another stressful form of programme done by placing your hands on a mat, stretching your legs as of you want to do push ups, and then going down slowly and coming up with your hands. It wasn't that easy and was an endurance test also. I managed to do complete it though. It was also the same count, 4 times by 20 counts.


Moving plank4 times by 20 counts
StatCompleted ✅
Raised body lifts and stretches

These were abs and belly fat workout. The raised body lift was done by laying on a match with your legs tied to your butt or stretched upwards and then raising your head to reach your toe all by yourself. It wasn't that easy and required a lot of strength and effort.

PXL_20240619_080450091.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20240619_075812185.jpg picture of coach

The stretches was to summarise the workout for the day before another major exercise which had to do with playing of football to exercise the legs and helps in increasing one's speed as well. Pictures were taken though and that's how we ventured into playing of football.

Team Blue 💙 IMG-20240620-WA0017.jpgVsTeam Red ♥️IMG-20240620-WA0012.jpg

It was a friendly match between the two teams. It was in this match I saw that the number of people that came out for the workout is alarming. The two teams played well while I was standing as a novice referee and a professional photographer.


I captured every moments seen in the game and every funny moments. The first half ended and the ball ended with a draw from both teams although some games were cancelled.


We left the field and rested before departing to our different homes. The match was one to be remembered. **That was part of my day spent in the fitness center. The other half was used to do other activities like shopping and homie things.

A simple life filled with happy people can improve your sense of belonging. That's what I learnt yesterday.

PhotosCaptured by my Redmi Note 12 Pro and an iPhone user

You really had a great day and I must say it was enjoyable thoe hunger wanted to fight you.
I wish to join you guys

 25 days ago 

You can join us as it's open to all. DM me on WhatsApp social media

 23 days ago 

Hi @bossj23, Thank you very much for publishing your post in Steem For Betterlife Community. We encourage you to keep posting your quality content and support each other in the community


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