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Today I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and after waking up I go to our tube with my brush and go there I brush my teeth and then I go to my room after performing ablution for Fajr prayers. There is a bed and then there is a bed. I perform the Fajr prayers. After the Fajr prayers I go to the dining table for breakfast I call my friend and call my friend and tell him that I will exercise in the morning because it is very cold in the morning. I put on a good quality cloth and go out. Then I drink three glasses of water, that's how my morning starts today.


So then I go to see our land with my friend for a while since it is winter we have to see our land every day because now in winter our land crops are being destroyed by different kinds of insects from which we have to apply different kinds of medicine every day. Anyway, after working there for a while, I came back home. When I got home, I went to a reading table to teach my younger brother. I went there and started teaching my younger brother. Brain but a lot of drivers he studies very well and goes to school regularly and he goes upstairs to the madrasa in the morning and goes to that school in the afternoon and answers all kinds of questions there and they call me and I am very happy that he There is a lot of interest nowadays. Many children are being attracted by playing various kinds of video games. By spending time there, their lives are being ruined. There are a lot of boys and girls around us who are dropping out of school and now they are playing different kinds of video games like Free Fire Pubg.


However, I give him at least an hour a day to teach privately. This is basically a suggestion from me that those who play games without reading will never improve in life. I went to their house after hearing her news and I went there and saw my nephew's face is very beautiful and I am very happy to see him and I thought to myself that maybe one day I too will have this is my opinion and this is how my morning is actually mine He used to go to Bhabi's house and say that this day starts there.


So then I come home and after coming home I say in the afternoon that we will have a party today where we will have a fun recipe I had a hot meal for today's party and it was a very special food. I really like the food and I eat this hotpot as lunch and this is a recipe made by my family,As the days go by but the parties we have are ruined but for lack of friends there are many friends who have settled in the village till now but there are many friends who are leaving to settle themselves in different countries I am very happy to see that in various ways I am taking myself towards the end of the settlement but I am no longer able to see those whom I was together with about two years ago, because of which our parties are ruined day by day.


Then I go to my room and when I go there I take out my old laptop and go there and see different types of pictures from old albums especially wedding photos were very popular there was a lot of fun there was almost everyone at the wedding about a year ago at my younger sister's wedding I bring a camera and there I take different kinds of pictures. There is a photo album in my laptop and they are but I love to look at them because seeing old pictures reminds me of old memories. One can realize the amazing thing,
It's a new album in the old memory album. I feel blessed to be able to keep that memory of the old days because there are some memories that are erased from life but are stuck in the mind. We always think of ourselves I think the beautiful and exuberant days of the past will take our lives a long way and be a guide to life.


For a long time old albums and various movie dramas and some online work in the laptop. Just before the Bangladesh vs Pakistan game started, I left my camera setup and there I made a video to upload to my youtube channel. Basically I work with a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and there I upload a variety of technology related and many of these I like. I basically try to go back to the world of technology and increase my face value. Spectator does this because a lot of people really love me and I can hear the words from the mouths of many people which makes me feel much better when I listen to them.

When the game of Bangladesh vs Pakistan started, I used to watch the game of Bangladesh vs Pakistan in elsy channel in the app that I have on my mobile youtube like every day, so I was watching the game there, suddenly the wifi connection of my room went and there When I actually go and see that there is something wrong with my wifi connection, I immediately jail them, I call them and they leave very quickly and they come and fix the wifi in our room and lastly I realize that there is a way to win. The wire is broken for which only the red light is on and it was basically a WiFi connection disconnected so this is how I actually fixed the WiFi connection very quickly so I can easily reconnect the WiFi connection I can easily play Bangladesh vs Pakistan game with mobile I can see.


So it's almost afternoon to watch the game so I go to the kitchen room in the afternoon to make hot water and when I go there I make hot water and I think it will be very useful in our winter time because if now I have that cold water in hot water and if I put it in the flux then the next night when we need water we can wash our hands with this hot water and drink water etc. How can we not feel cold but we are very hot I think it is very important to drink hot water on the cheeks because if we drink cold water in winter, it can be very dangerous for our body or it can cause cold. Maybe we are facing some other problem, so I put it in hot water every day from now on and drink it at night.


Anyway, my afternoon was cut short, so at night I first went to our pond to perform Maghrib prayers. I went there to perform ablution and I performed ablution as it was very cold in winter. When I come to the room I make a bed for Maghrib prayers. There I perform Maghrib prayers. After Maghrib prayers I go to the market in our village. I go there and talk to different kinds of people I think I have my own impressions by doing or trying to find out from them. Anyway, I get a call from home to bring something home,I come home with some dry food, and when we get home, we have dinner with those dry foods..


After dinner I have a water filter in our room and I see that the problem is that there is no clear water, so I open it completely at night and I watch the video on youtube about what the problem is and I find the solution by watching the video on youtube. And last but not least, the fact that I was able to fix the filter in our room very easily and I like it a lot.

This Is The Activities Did I Do Today.

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You are giving 66% of your votes to yourself - that is way too high !

You need to be giving most of your votes to other members of the community.

cc @el-nailul @miftahuddin @irawandedy

 2 months ago 

We will make a new announcement to all Steem For Betterlife Community users about the ideal use of Vote. We encourage community growth through curating support to fellow community members and other communities.

Thank you

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much sir for your advice. Today and from now on I will try to vote to members of the community if you stay with me and always go with such good advice 😀

I look forward to your support.


CC. @steemcurator01

 2 months ago 

Ready to make a new announcement about voting for yourself, especially to the whole community

 2 months ago 

Assalamualaikum pak @arafatyeasin. Sebenarnya boleh-boleh saja melakukan upvote diri sendiri, tapi alangkah lebih baik ini di hindari sekali, karena lebih baik mengupvote orang lain sebagai bentuk dukungan untuk komunitas dan kawan-kawan steemian dalam membangun komunikasi dengan sasama steemian. Hal ini juga merupakan aturan dari team steemit, dalam rangka meningkatkan engagement akun kita dengan pengguna lainnya. Terimakasih


 2 months ago 

Terima kasih atas tanggapan Anda. @el-nailul

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