social activities outside the puskesmas building



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Today our team of health workers visited the Posyandu activity in the village of Peace, one of the best villages in the Geureudong Pase sub-district, also one of the transmigration villages in North Aceh Regency with 80% of the population from outside the Aceh Province, only 20% of the population as natives. Acehnese who already live and have families in the village like peace. Peace-loving village has fertile land with a livelihood as a garden farmer, led by a geuchik who is always followed by its citizens. Peace-loving village is also a standby village as another village project in Geureudong Pase sub-district.

Posyandu activities will be carried out in each village once a month, according to a predetermined schedule, other program holders will participate in that place to serve the local village community such as the elderly program, non-communicable diseases, and other programs, while the posyandu will serve children under five and pregnant women, while other communities will be served according to the program holder, we took this policy due to the condition of the people who are busy working and the location of the village is far from the health center so that on the way we are busy, if there is an incident on our way not afraid because there are friends.





children under five and pregnant women will receive additional food and milk provided in the village and the health department as well as to the elderly community, while for other communities we will provide free data and examinations such as checking sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, as well as guidance and inviting them to seek treatment. to the health center to get free medicine or to a health service place.

We will also check the weight and height of the teenagers, continue to follow the health protocol since the North Aceh area in particular there is still the Covid-19 virus which we must be vigilant and anticipate together not to spread in the community, even though the health team has partially received the third vaccine. namely the moderna vaccine. This is a form of our social activity outside the puskesmas building to provide health services needed by rural communities in the Geureudong pase sub-district.



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By @amre

 2 months ago 

Nah, sayaa mau jadi warganya kalo posyandu nya kayak begini...🤔🤩

 2 months ago 

Silahkan bu, tempat transmigrasi suka damai

 2 months ago 

Ngak ngeh dmn...hehe
Semoga selalu sukses dan berkah...😇

Nice post, I love this #club5050

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