health services in remote villages



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We don't have to do health service activities to the community at the puskesmas only, we can do it in the local village, the puskesmas as a place for health services under the supervision of the health department, and the availability of free drugs for people in need, with certain provisions from the health insurance service agency.

every time we go to the village, we can only do health checks and counseling to get maximum medicine and health services, please go to the health center, unless there are mass medical activities in the village that include doctors, pharmacists, and other officers.

the health team only provides the knowledge we have for the community as our service according to our profession, in relation to medicine we must follow certain rules, but there are also villages providing medicine to their people through the village budget, as a form of concern for the village head to his people, but only us Once a month, as is the case with Darul Aman Village, Geureudong Pase District, North Aceh Regency, through the village budget, the village head sets aside to buy medicine so that the community can carry out treatment in the village once a month on a regular basis, when health workers come to the village, the rest must go to the village. health center too.




Posyandu routine activities once a month in every village, and other programs will both go down to the village, to provide services for free, if the village provides medicine then we also include a doctor to check the patient's illness in the village.

The enthusiasm of the community is starting to be high to prioritize their health, even though they are busy with activities at home and work as planters, but if there are activities in the village, especially regarding health, the community will visit and consult about their health, perhaps due to being far from the puskesmas so they are anti-anxiety in getting health services even though only once a month in the village. What's more knowing the availability of medicines through the village budget.



like the rural community of Geureudong pase who are busy with activities in the garden as their livelihood and are far from health care facilities and damaged roads so they are a bit lazy to go to the puskesmas, only relying on drugs purchased at pharmacies when they go to the city, unless there is a new emergency visited the puskesmas, thanks to the village head's initiative to provide medicine and our health team supported us in providing health services without having to be paid.

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