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it's nice to be able to increase our personal account big, and be able to contribute to others, start small to grow big, be patient and have the confidence to keep trying as much as possible, with the promotion of the #club 5050 from steemit, I'm sure that we can achieve the goal we hope for, so today I also did a power up of 5,495 SBD that I have, after 2 days ago I did a power up of 48,273 steem. although a little but according to the ability I have at this time.

CLUB 5050

the #club 5050 project is a project that I like as a steemians, which can encourage more steemians to power up, this is my second power up this week, hopefully tomorrow I can power up again.

a new project launched in October, with support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 as a steemit promotion, hopefully steemit will continue to advance.

the following is proof of today's power up.





value that I admit a little, but this is the current ability that I have, as my commitment this October, all the income I get I will power up 100%.

thanks to all steemit friends for their support to me especially @steemcurator01 who has contributed so much to me.

By @amre

 3 months ago 

Never give up!

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