a day with the quality team of the Geureudong pase health center in the village of lhok asan



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today we had the opportunity to visit posyandu activities in lhok asan village, geureudong pase sub-district, as well as an assessment of posyandu activities by the head of the geureudong pase health center, a routine event every month to serve pregnant women, children under five under the guidance of the village midwife.

assessment from the quality team of the Geureudong Pase Public Health Center

an initiative from the head of the Geureudong pase health center together with the puskesmas quality team to assess the posyandu activities under the supervision of the geureudong pase health center as a form of motivation for posyandu cadres in the village in terms of serving pregnant women and children under five, and can improve the quality of services that will generally win during the upcoming mini-workshop and the awarding of prizes.

By holding an assessment of the posyandu in the village, the cadres will review their respective functions from table 1 to table 5 and the quality of service is good. as well as direct guidance from the puskesmas team where there are shortcomings, the collaboration of the posyandu cadre team and cohesiveness is very important. important.

The posyandu budget in the village has so far increased greatly compared to the previous year, according to the direction of the ministry of the republic of indonesia, village funds should be budgeted for posyandu about 8% of the village fund, with the main aim of reducing maternal and child mortality rates. The village will record data on pregnant women and mothers giving birth, as well as providing healthy food so that mothers and children stay healthy.

it is time to improve the quality of services for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as the provision of nutritious food, for the growth period of children so that they are free from bad and unhealthy nutrition as a government program.


eat together with village cadres

for intimacy and to relieve fatigue after the posyandu assessment in the village was completed, we held a meal together with village cadres and the health team, joking and laughing. the cadres began to smile and laugh, where during the assessment there were people who answered wrongly because they were nervous and awkward, even though this activity was routinely carried out every month.




By. @amre

 3 months ago 

Good job brother!!!

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