The Diary Game | 24 December 2025 | Routines, Errands, and Steemit Adventures


Hi Everyone!

Greetings to all, hope you all are well and good and enjoy a happy life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

I welcome you to the start of my new day. Thank you guys for joining me. I'm going to explain a few routines today. I hope you guys like it.

Just as our day starts with our daily routine and we wake up in the morning and thank Allah for allowing us to see a new day and enjoy it, this day is also the same. Started and in the morning our gas goes away which is a very difficult time for us because it has a time it stays for so long then it goes away. So we have to have our breakfast till this time etc. We used to stay late but since the gas schedule is made we wake up early prepare our breakfast and eat it.

After eating, we sat together and chatted for a while. After chatting, the father said that he had to go to the neighboring village, where his friend's wife had died. So they went there and I took money from the house and went to the tailor's shop. I went there and asked him if my clothes were not sewn. He told me that I would sew them in a day or two. And when I took it, I told him that I had to go to a wedding, so please make it mandatory.

From there I went straight back to my house. Outside the house, I saw that my cousin who lives next to me was wrapping a cloth around the tree so that the animals would not damage the tree. That the goat starts eating it and the buffalo comes and hits it, because of which the tree is damaged and it does not grow much, so he was wrapping a cloth around the tree, so I sat next to him. He went and saw that trees had been planted in the place where we keep our buffaloes and those buffaloes sit under the shade of these trees in summer, so there are more trees planted there and so you there. You can see that there is an open pond in which there is no water yet, when the summer comes, water will be added, where the buffaloes bathe.

I sat by him for a long time and looked at him. After seeing him, I went to my house and lay down for a while to rest. I was just lying down for a while when my father also came from here and we had lunch.

Then my mother said that you people are free, so go and bring gas from the city near you in the cylinder, then he in the cylinder. We pour the gas so that when the gas that is given by the government runs out when its time runs out, we can do any work on our cylinder. Then we went to a station.

After going there, we first went to the gas shop and asked him how much gas was in rupees per kg. He told us that gas is 300 rupees per kilo which you can guess is about one dollar so we told him to put three kilos of gas in our cylinder which is a total of 900 rupees which is about three Dollars made, so we put gas in our cylinder there.

After filling the gas, we told him that you should keep this cylinder with you when we came back, and then we would take it from you when we left, so we kept our cylinder there and moved forward.

After that, we went ahead and there my father dropped me off the bike and he said that you should load it in your mobile phone from this shop so that we can deposit our electricity and gas bill in the evening. After dropping me there, he went to his friend's shop.

After loading from there, I went to my father who was sitting in his friend's shop. He seems to be our uncle, who is also our neighbor, so we often go to him. We went there and sat down. Their shop is iron, in which you can find things like T.R.Garder and Surya, and also the shopper who puts it on the roof, so they have kept such things. So we sat there for a long time and chatted.

Then we got up from there and after getting up we returned to the house and then from there my father said that you go and bring the gas cylinder so that we can take the cylinder from there and leave, so I took the cylinder and returned to my bike When I came to, I saw that my father was standing on the other side of the road near the vegetable vendor, from there he took vegetables and after taking the vegetables, we left for home.

Because now it was evening time and as you know it gets cold in the evening anyway it is winter season but if the sun comes out during the day the weather becomes pleasant and it gets a little cold in the evening. So that's how we got home in this winter season.

As soon as I came home, my younger cousin told me that let's play cricket, so we started playing cricket at home. There is little space in the house. We play cricket there and get happy so our activity is done and we get fresh.

Then I opened Steemit and saw that there were a lot of notifications, so I quickly opened them and saw that people were sending messages and comments, so I replied to them. I commented on some other people's posts and I was happy to see that some of them were upvoted, these are our little joys haha.

This is how my day ends. I hope everyone has enjoyed my day and everyone is not bored here. Thank you all for stopping by. Allah Hafiz.
Regards: @ahsansharif

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Thanks for reviewing my post ☺️

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

It is good to know that your cousin employed the knowledge of wrapping the tree to prevent animals from destroying it. I hope that this particular tree grows and grows very well for him to be happy.

Greet day it has been for you. I am glad you had lunch with your father as well.

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Thanks for your precious time on my post. Stay blessed stay happy

It is a pleasure

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