The Diary Game | 15 January 2024 | A Day of Reflection, Friendship, and Purchases


Hi Guys

Greetings to all, greetings to all hope you all are well and enjoying a happy life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

Today I woke up a little late because I wasn't going anywhere for work today, so I stayed up for a long time.

So in the morning, as soon as I woke up, I saw that my mother had made sweet needles, some people make them by putting them in milk. But it can be made with milk and it can be made anyway. My mother had prepared needles, so I had them for breakfast in the morning.

Last day my dear friend's uncle passed away. This was very sad news, so for his reward, he had to be recited from the Qur'an. In which they had to pray for their forgiveness and forgiveness. So they had arranged for him in the mosque, so I also went there and recited the prayer words for them and prayed for their forgiveness and salvation. So that all their next destinations are easy we sat there and listened to a few words from our teacher which was entertaining our hearts.

From there, I went home and rested for a while. After calming down, I remembered that the previous day Pakistan and New Zealand had played a match. Which I couldn't see, so I immediately opened Facebook and ran it there so I could see its highlights. As for how the match went, unfortunately, Pakistan lost this match because Pakistan lost this match due to a lot of bad luck.

After lunch, my mother said that my aunt's clothes were given to be stitched and I had to take them from another tailor's house and deliver them to my aunt's house. So I took those clothes and went to my aunt's house and went there and gave them the clothes and told her to give me the money for their sewing. So that I could send them back, I sat there for a while and chatted with them and chatted with the rest of the family. And then he took the money from there and came home and gave the money to the teller.

Then I opened the drawer application because I wanted the earbuds. Which I wanted to get for myself and my brother and at the same time I started looking to buy if there was a deal. Because we get things cheaper in deals, I saw that there was a deal going on for three things. If you buy any three items, you will get them for 1500 rupees. So I thought it was fine and I would get things for cheap. So I selected two earbuds and a bag and ordered it.

This order which I have booked will reach me in about 10 days and as soon as the delivery boy brings it to me then I have to make the payment at the same time so that's how I bought my things.

As you all know it is very cold in Pakistan, so in this winter, as soon as the sun comes out, everyone goes to sit in the sun to get heat. So when the sun came out, I went to the roof and sat in the sun. And just like that, sitting there, I fell asleep.

In the winter season, when the sun comes out, it is very relaxing. We don't like the sun in summer, it's nature's system, and we tolerate it. And we should be grateful to Allah that He has blessed us with all kinds of weather. So the winter sun is very relaxing so I fell asleep sitting in the sun and as soon as I woke up it was evening and the sun was setting so I took a picture of the sun.

My father had gone to our nearby district from where he bought his things and he also bought chicken for us. Which was roasted and we all saw it and ate it with joy.

This roast chicken was accompanied by two types of rata and a side salad. Which was very delicious and we all sat down and ate it.


That's how I spend my day, hope all guys like it. Thanks for staying here.
Regards: @ahsansharif

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