The Diary Game | 03 February 2024 | A Day of Grocery Shopping, Banking, and Commemorating a Loved One

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Hi Guys!

Greetings to all, Hope everyone is well

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Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives. Today started when I had my breakfast, after breakfast, we had to go to the market because we had to buy a lot of things there. The next day my uncle passed away from this world who is our steemian friend his father left here. May Allah forgive them and raise their ranks. They have been gone for 40 days, so something had to be done to make up for it. Due to this we went to the market and bought some goods from there.

We took our ATM card with us to withdraw money from the bank first and then buy things with that money so we first took the card from home and after taking the card went to the market.

The first thing we did after going to the market was to go to the bank, from there those who were with me like my elder brothers, had to find out the criteria for opening an account from the bank. And I did want to withdraw money from the ATM card. So I went to the ATM where I had to withdraw money and my brother went inside me to get my information. Thus they took my information and I withdrew the money from the bank after withdrawing we returned from there.

We had a petrol pump card through which we filled petrol, so we went straight to the petrol pump from where we filled two liters of petrol in our bike. We gave them money through a card because it is a very easy way we need to keep only a card from our pocket not we need to keep the money. Because our money is in this card we just have to give them the card, they have to take their payment through the card and give us back our card and receipt. In this way, we can easily fill petrol from the petrol pump where there is only a card facility.

We had already written down the things he wanted from the dishes. He wrote it down for us so it was very easy for us to buy things as we had a slip with all the details written on it. First, we went to the grocery store where we had to get general supplies. It includes ghee rice and many other things we bought from there which was our 15 thousand rupees.

He was overstuffed so we were wondering how we were going to get him home. Because it had a big ghee box and a bag with all the stuff in it. Besides that, we had to take other things so we were looking at how we could take them home.

Meanwhile, we kept the stuff at the same shop and told him that we would pick it up on our way back and then we went to a medical store which was known to us and they also had to inform him that he would be there tomorrow. At one o'clock, Khatham Sharif is to be recited for Uncle Saleem's reward.

After that we went to the vegetable shop because we had to buy onions, garlic, and green chilies from there, so we went there and bought 14 kg of onions, one kg of garlic and one kg of green chilies and also bought coriander which is ours about 4,000 worth of goods were made and we took all the goods from there. The worst thing was that there were a lot of onions, because of which we had a lot of goods. We also collected all that stuff in one place.

Then I said to my brother you sit on the bike, I put the grocery stuff on the back put the ghee box on top of it, and later sat myself. And a boy was standing next to him, I told him to pick up the vegetable bag and put it on top of our bag. He picked it up and put it on, then we headed home with difficulty.

I was having a hard time on the way because there was a bike and we had a lot of luggage so we were hardly sitting. But on the way, we saw that the gate was closed, so we stopped there and took a breath. Because our legs, which were tired from breathing, were relieved. Now we had to go another two kilometers and then we had to unload our luggage from the bike. So, as soon as the train came, we hurried home and kept the stuff.

I came home and saw that my younger sister had brought me a teddy bear cake from her college which was very delicious very soft and filled with chocolate inside her ears and in her belly with chocolate. Which was very delicious to eat.

In the evening I went with my cousin to my stop from where we had to bring sand. A little work was going on in his house, for which he needed some sand, which he bought and brought from there. Which was around 50 rupees which was all we needed. We put it in a bag and put it on the motorcycle and brought it home.

In the evening I and my friend played a game together in which we played an online game called pubg mobile game. Which we sometimes play in our free time when we have time and want to talk with each other then we play this game. And on this pretext, we chat with each other and have a little fun together.

That's how I spent my day today. Hope you guys like it. Thanks to all of you for stopping by. See you in a new post until then, I want your permission, Allah Hafiz

Regards: #Ahsan

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