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You that is looting funds meant for the poor
You that delight in making your pocket rich and fat
While the belly of the poor is poor and malnourished
Remember that an eye is watching you from above

You that cause millions of tears to the masses
yet smile and enjoy from the sweats of the poor
when they cry and look up to heavens for help
know that there's an eye above that is watching you

You whose pen is in charge of the signature
That could change the poor man's future
yet denying him of the opportunity is your pleasure
Remember that an eye is watching you above

You that the masses voted to represent their interest
Yet at assumption of duty you misrepresent their interest
You that try to breach you crossed into power
Remember that you need it sooner to return to your creator

You that pile the files
When they were meant to be moved to be assessed
Know that you are acting like one possessed
And that an eye is watching you from above

Thank you for always engaging my post.

I am @voclab

I like the love bird sing melodic tunes to your ear
Just take a line at a time:
and thank God when you're fine


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