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RE: Photofeed moved to Hive - Make sure to join us! :))

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That's fine. And you will never have success in life with your childish offending/attacking behavior. Please re-think your attitude. I'm willing to accept an apologize if you write a post (2000+ words) about respectful behavior.


I have not been fatigued, made mistakes, or bother anyone in your community. I just liked a figurine that didn't like the photos published. That's all. After you accuse me that I blocked, but I have the right to block a person that I don't want to see their photo posts, it doesn't make me an out of area. It's democracy, you have to know how to accept those who don't like such photos. And, moreover, I was thinking of spamming, because English is not my language.
I have nothing to apologize for being treated like this.

You have 100% the right to not like the photos. You have 100% the right to express your feelings about it. You have 100% the right to critique anything.

The only reason why I kicked you from the server was because you blocked me in the same second I asked you what's the issue in a normal ton because I was curious.

But seeing your disgusting behavior now, calling me asshole an shit, comparing me to Hitler and the gestapo just shows what kind of human you are. You have 0 respect and the lowest possible behavior a human can have.

As said,I would only forgive you if you write a 2.500 word apology text about your misbehavior and how humans should be treated.

When I see an injustice of bad treatment it is normal that I do so. When I see here that you are treating me like a manteur, a child, I can only be aggressive.

3000 words - I'm waiting..

Yes Dad, Hi :D

3.500 Words about correct behavior.

And I expect an apologize for: Asshole, I'm shit, Compare me to Hitler & Gestapo. That's not how adults behave.

Isn't it almost finished crying? To make your Gestapo ask me for an illogical order?
I write again what I wrote :
It's not over to make Steem's asshole, I say what I think and you treat me like shit.

You treat me like shit and you behave like GESTAPO.
It is all second degree in the subject and not I do not treat you thus, but you do it thus.

You are a poor human being who only can attack and offend people without having any substantial arguments. Good luck in your life with this terrible behavior.

The trdo no longer works :(

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