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RE: Photofeed moved to Hive - Make sure to join us! :))

in Photofeedlast year (edited)

Hey Patrick.

We are glad that we don't have to see you in our community anymore. We don't like liars, sorry!

Btw - From your discord reaction, wasn't there someone who asked you very politely what the reason was behind your behavior and you imminently blocked him? What a pitty, Patrick.


For the respect of the article, I edit the comment in good term.

Nice behavior!

And good luck finding other communities who are welcome liars, such as you are.

haaaaaaa You are ironic, I am on several community

You will leave traces on Steem, of your vulgar comments and dissatisfaction of your customers.

You are not a customer. You are a liar - And I hate liars. I would recommend you to change your behavior and stop attacking and offending me. You will never find success in life with your rude attitude.