Who made the POOR people of the world very POOR ?? Who made the BIll Gates and Jeff Bezos of this world very RICH ??

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My community is a small one of several below poverty divide fellows and few super-Rich business tycoons!

But the majority poor are always at variance with the few rich , who they accuse of being responsible for their poverty while the rich believes poverty is resident in the minds and hands of the never - do - wells as a result of laziness and ignorance!

Are you Poor or Super Rich ??

Who is responsible for your/ their poverty ??

Are you wealthy ??

Did you come about your wealth by laziness , expecting the official authority to spoon feed you ??

Are the several wealthy actually more dilligent and enterprising more than the poors??

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When the basic necessities of life - food, clothing and shelter - is taken care of, people can then concentrate on other pursuits like art, music, business, wealth building etc. But if the basic necessities are not taken care of, the poor will not have time and the inclination for the other pursuits of life because he is struggling daily just to meet the basics.

The diversity in people extent to their abilities too. Not everyone is gifted with talents or ambitions. Society needs a Bill Gate as much as a pianist, scientist, teacher and so forth. So long as their basics are met with necessary savings for the old age, many are content.

It is the responsibility of the respective governments to make sure that each of its citizen does not struggle daily to meet his basics. Having done so, it is also the responsibility of the governments to ensure that opportunities and means to realize those opportunities are inbuilt in the society with proper infrastructure - educational institutions, transport, internet, a just legal system etc - so that its citizenry has easy and unfettered access to them at reasonable cost.

Many governments around the world don't provide these facilities. Many are corrupt and the ignorant public keeps voting for them regardless of this because they are simply ignorant of the important issues that need to be addressed and get carried away with rhetoric from these politicians who harp on communal issues like religion, race, caste and language instead of developmental issues.

You've provided much of the necessary informations required for the poor to up their scale of living . But even when the government provide the fundamentals,most people are still poor requiring social intervention . Why is this often the case? I think attitude is responsible . Some are lazy , never willing to apply themselves to work irrespective of available opportunities. Similarly many are ignorant ,never wanting to buy into necessary knowledge required to lift them from gross poverty.

Conclusively; the poor could be held accountable for their poverty as the Government !!

I Don't think nobody is responsible for some peoples poverty ot richies, poverty and richies is a result of the chioce we make over the years.