Haven't you lie DELIBERATELY ?? Is lying a necessity often, to Survive ??

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Haven't you deliberately lied throughout your lifetime ??

Why do you lie circumstantially and frequently??

Is deliberate lying a sin/crime if aimed at avoiding unpleasant experience??

What if you lied to take advantage of another party ??

Would you advocate a sterner punishment for lying to take undue advantage of Government policies and statutes??

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👛Wouldn't you rather share your opinion as comment as advise to lying lips??👛


No i don't think lying is neccessry. You i believe when you tell a lie, you need another lie to cover up the privious lie and so doing you forget what it feel like telling the truth.

Lying is addictive, and people can tell when you lie, they might not know the truth but they can persive a lie.

Me personally, if you want to loose respect and value before me, try lying to me. From that moment i would not see you as a person i can relate with trust.

Neither di I welcome wanton lies ; but some folks opines that when in danger , lying could be necessary to avoid being harm!

What do you think??

Lie safes temporally, but the truth safes forever. When you lie yo save yourself, it os just for a while, when the truth comes out, you would be in a more deeper trouble.

Very well. But do you think this is the case always?

An assassin once we after a victim, whom they couldn't identify .

They asked him . Are you Mr Okopi ?? He retorted "No" .

They left him alone . Why did he lied??

Yes it is the case most times.

I think he lied to save himself