What is the best street food in Jakarta, Indonesia and why?

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|| Image by Tresia Hoban from Pixabay ||

In this series we will regularly seek from the Ask.Steem Community answers to the open-ended questions in the following format, "What is the best restaurant/Bakery/Cafe/Street Food in X and Why?"

In answering this question, it would help if the community members define what they mean by "best" before giving their recommendations or views.

The word "best" could mean different things to different people. In defining "best" some people would emphasize the flavor of the food or the quality of service. Others may emphasize the cleanliness or the quality of food. To some others it could mean a combination of various factors.

Some of the factors you may want to consider are: Taste, Quality of food, Customer Service, Price, Variety of Food, Hygiene, Locality, Vegan Friendly, and Allergy Friendly.

Thank you.


Surprisingly, as per Tripadvisor reviews Saigon Delight is listed as the best street food. I am sure there are many local street foods which are as good or better but have not been reviewed in Tripadvisor. Perhaps some of our Indonesian Steemians could advise us.

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