Why do we hate?

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Despite all the hardships and how limited our lifespans are, people still find reasons to hate others even to the point of death.

This thought bothers me, "Is it easier to hate than to love? Or hate is a genetic issue or what?"

What marvels me is the fact that some people hate without a reason.

Do we even benefit from hating our fellow beings? Why do people harbour hate in their hearts?


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This question can have a very complex answer despite the question seemed simple; but a simple question can easily lead to simple answer:

Too much Self Focused but Not Knowing the true Self

Just like @voice.direct has detailed it out, the self-dissatisfaction leads to much undesirable output.
The first question before the hate; is that, do you know who you truly are and your worth from the day you are born?
Without that, humans tend to have an "identity crisis" that leads to self-question, dissatisfaction, insecure, compare, compete, and it goes on and on negatively and result to => HATE.

Thank you for the exposition. I believe that both my readers and I have learnt much from the submissions given till now. A very big thank you to all contributors.

Human beings are hard wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It may not be actual pleasure and pain. It can be imagined potential pleasure or pain. Further, the pleasure and pain need not be limited to physical. It can also be mental or emotional pain.

We love whatever that give us pleasure - physical, mental and emotional; be it actual or imagined. Likewise we hate whatever that gives us pain - physical, mental and emotional and whether actual or imagined. Some people even hate others when they are put to mere physical, mental or emotional discomfort by the other.

People who believe themselves to be superior, would be unhappy if a supposedly inferior person is given equal recognizance and rights (for example, citizenship rights or college admission) or performs better than him/her and is more successful than him/her. The superiority complex causes the person to suffer pain, discomfort or unhappiness in such circumstances.

Hatred does more damage to the hater than the hated. See The Destructive Power of Hate

Thank you very much for your submission, it is very educative🤝

Maybe it so much more easier for humans to feel hate than love. Because they know that to love means to accept. And acceptance needs understanding. Which most people don't want to do. So they find it easier to hate, because hate does not need anything except from a limited view or perspective.

That's very true, love requires more effort...thank you😊