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Good morning my Steemians Friends. This morning I will share my experience in doing Promo-Steem stage 2 through my idea of ​​making a Polo Shirt with a combination collar model. I looked for the model in several stores for 2 days, until I found it. And then I made this shirt with the words Promo-Steem and Steemit embroidered on the chest. The process I do is as follows, first I look for a suitable shirt model with an interesting color combination. I chose the Polo Shirt Model with a combination of two colors. Then I designed the embroidered writing model. After I finished printing the Polo Shirt, then I did PromoSteem stage 2 by sharing it with my friends. Here I show the photos when I share them with my friends I continue my post last week.

Garis Line PromoSteem.png



I'm delivering the Polo Shirt ordered by @ajirfalaky and his friends in the courtyard of the Islamic Mosque, Simpang Empat. I called Ajirfalaky, made an appointment to meet in the courtyard of the Islamic Mosque. He chose Navi gray and his friend chose White.




I made an appointment with @alee75 to deliver the Polo Shirt to him. I met him at the Hiraq field, Lhokseumawe City. He chose the color Navi Yellow. He was so happy with this Promosteem Polo Shirt, that he immediately put it on.




The next day I went to Syamtalira Bayu glasses to deliver a Polo Shirt to @sofian88. He happened to be at Alfat Coffee. Then I went there. He chose a black Prosteem Polo Shirt. Because he likes the color with black, the word is cooler. Then he immediately tried on the clothes.





Then the next day I went to Syamtalira Aron's glasses to deliver a Polo Shirt to @aril.hatake. My trip to Syamtalira District is about 1 hour. When I got there he wasn't at home. In the end, I left it with his friend.



Greetings from me to the Managers and Team of "PromoSteem" and to all Community Friends here.

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Thanks You all Team PromoSteem Community for the opportunity given to me to post here. Also Thanks You to Admin Official Account, @arie.steem Admin Community Leader, @ponpase As MOD,@pojan As MOD and MOD Promoter : @saracampero, @nattybongo, @talktofaith, @ngoenyi, @msharif, @shahidchoudary, @oscarcc89, @ashkhan, dan @mcsamm. Hopefully "PromoSteem Community" will develop faster and will be successful with the support of all parties.

Thanks You also to @stephenkendal who always supports our PromoSteem activities. Thanks you to the Steemian Friends who is visited and support my post. Greetings from me to all friends of steemit. Keep doing your best.

PromoSteem for Betterlife

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 2 months ago 

Kerja yang sangat bagus pak, saya mau juga dong di bagikan bajunya.. 😁

Terima Kasih, Boleh, kalu berminat.... he he he

 2 months ago 

wow the tshirt looks very nice,,,thanks for doing the needful

Thanks You for Your Support.

 2 months ago 


Terima Kasih Bu.

 2 months ago 

Really good job. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Linkedin social media to promote.

You have got 1 steem for your steemit promotional activities.



Thanks You for Your Support My Friend. I glad to have your comment.

Wow dear @tucsond you're doing a nice job..

Thanks You for Your Support

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