POWERING UP! Buying Steem using TRX Tron in Poloniex and PowerUp! @traderpaw.

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Hello Steemit Friends! Mabuhay from Philippines! I hope everybody, all is well! For the past weeks, I have read a lot of articles discussing about powering up and delegating. And some of the articles were:









And indeed it struck me in mind that everything what they are talking has a point of view. To be honest, at first was just a side hustle other than my job for me to earn more what I earned from my salary because honestly living paycheck to paycheck is somewhat stressful not for me but for everybody especially if you have more than one families depending on you. Anyways, what I'm trying to say, Steemit is not just a temporary cure to what we are struggling for, but together if we power up and be able to delegate for sure Steemit will be a permanent solution in our life's problem. So I keep thinking how will I powerup so that I can delegate and make my upvote of value. Other than buying through SBD earnings, which I did but not that much. Then I remember one of my fellow Steemians, @nickjon asked how to buy steem using TRX Tron which I kind of get a great idea, why not? Allow me to share how I buy steem using my TRX tron. Here's the steps which I devided into three major parts - transferring to poloniex, buying, and traferring to steem wallet.


Step 1: Go to your steem wallet and log in to your wallet. Scroll down the arrow button beside TRX Tron and click trade and you will be directed to @poloniex.com
TRX trade.PNG

Step 2: Open and account if you have none, and log in to your poloniex account.


Step 3: Go to your poloniex wallet to copy the TRX deposit address. After copying go back to your steem wallet, back to TRX part, click the arrow down button and click transfer



Step 4: Click switch to Tron account and paste your poloniex TRX Tron deposit address. Enter your desired amount and input your TRX Tron memo keys. Minutes after the transaction, your trx tron will be reflected to your poloniex account.




Step 5: Go to Exchange tab of poloniex and choose steem/trx currency pair. Input your desired amount of Steem you want to buy depending on your buying power - TRX. Click buy. Once Order is filled. Steem will be reflected to your poloniex wallet under balances.




Step 6: Go to your poloniex wallet and click withdraw tab. Input your memo keys, your username and your desired amount of steem to be transferred to your steemit wallet. An email confirmation will be sent for the success of your withdrawal. Steem will be reflected to your steemit wallet.

Step 6: Once steem is reflected to your steemit wallet, you are now ready to go for POWER UP.


Hope you learned and I was able to guide you in this matter.

My reason behind buying steem is to power up my steemit account. For now it has no value yet, I decided to delegate some of this to my trusted communities. I delegated part of it to two communities and looking forward to delegate more to my other communities which I have not yet delegated for the meantime.

10% of the rewards of this post is set to @promosteem.com
May this little action of mine help reach the goal of this community and glad to be part of its growth in my own little steps. Let me leave you a famous line from one of my favorite song - "Together we stand, divided we fall!"

Always grateful to @arie.steem for this wonderful community and to all the MOD of this community. Thank you so much to all steemcurators for your unending support.


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 3 years ago 

Hello maam @traderpaw. I have just some questions in TRX power up. It is necessary to commit 100TRX minimum in your TRX wallet before you can power up? coz I tried to buy steem with my 53TRX and there was a message that "atleast 100TRX". Hoping you can gave me an idea on this matter maam. Thank you.

Hello @natz04, yes. It is poloniex minimum amount of trading trx to steem.

 3 years ago 

That's why I cannot process it. Thank you so much maam @traderpaw. Keep safe.

Your welcome my friend. You too, keep safe always and stay healthy!

 3 years ago 

Thank you maam @traderpaw.

Definitely i will do this after all the paper works maam...medyo busy mode pa gud!

No probs sir. Hope it will help you with the process.☺️

 3 years ago 

Hi mam , need pa diay mo power up mam usa pa ta ka delegate no? I thought modiretso ra ta ug delegate mam . Thank you for this mam . Me and jes88 are learning piece by piece kay lisud diay mam hehehe

I am glad that it helped. Yes maam @sweetmaui01, you need to powe up more in order for you to delegate a substantial amount. Kai needed man dab na naa pay mahabilin sa imohang account na SP.

 3 years ago 

How to power up mam @traderpaw , thank you mam for being so helpful

 3 years ago 

great entry for us

Thank you☺️. May you find it helpful @mcsamm

Wow! I was looking for a guide like this online mam as I want to make use of my Tron too. Really helpful! Thank you so much!

Thank you as well as for your eye opener article. Glad to be of help. ☺️

Thanks for this contribution @traderpaw I was actually trying to create a tutorial about this but been very busy lately so thanks for this

My pleasure sir @julstamban, I am happy to know that this article contributed for the growth of this block chain. Thank you sir.

 3 years ago 

Yay! Thank you so much @traderpaw for this.

Your welcome maam @jenesa.

 3 years ago 

Wow! This is so useful mam. But can we use bittrex instead of poloniex?

Thank you. I have not tried it @kyrie1234. But I think it could be, the only thing is that there is no direct currency pair with TRX/STEEM in Bittrex these are the only pairs they have for now.

As I can see it, it is possible. You just need to convert it to another pair before paired it with STEEM. But thank you for this, it gives me idea to explore more. Maybe in the future, I will try also using Binance as well.

 3 years ago 

thank you my dear

My pleasure mah friend. ☺️

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