I Have Joined To #Club100 - 100% Power Up [ Let's Join To Club100 ]

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Note : 10 % to @promosteem.com

Hello Promoters..

Today I feel very happy because I can participate in #club100, this is a very special act and is liked by the steemit team. Not all steemians can participate in Club100 but with strong determination and belief this can be done by anyone. At first I also felt heavy, but for a better future I began to straighten my intentions and try to be brave. With full confidence and consistency I am sure that I will get what I have longed for for a better future.


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In the business world, investment is very important, the more investment capital you make, the more results you will get. Likewise with this steemit blockchain world, the more power ups, the more likely it is to get extra support from the steemit team. This has been proven by several seniors and steemit activists. It's just that the steemit team does not give hope to get extra votes, so that steemit activists are not disappointed later if they don't get extra votes. Because in the business world alone there are advantages and disadvantages, it is only natural that there are those who are not lucky.

On this article I also want to invite any promoters friends to join together in club100, the capital is determination and rest assured that you will be successful in the future. If you have already joined then that's even better, because you are an extraordinary person, and today I am following in your footsteps. Hopefully we will be successful together.

It is undeniable that there are many steemians whose daily livelihood is only in steemit, it is possible for you to join club75 and club5050, just adjust it to your needs. You can take some of your hard work and leave some for power ups. Even so I recommend for you to dare to take a big step and join club100, this is for your better future.



Today I have claimed the reward 10.370 SBD and 17.618 SP, I've converted 10.370 SBD to 115.220 Steem and send to vesting. 100% Power Up of all my rewards today for joining the club100




The above is a history of proof of my power up today. [ 100% power up ] sent 115,234 Steem to investing. Before power up my steem power amounted to 676,325 Steem, After power up my total steem power was 791,559


if calculated from the last 30 days, I only got a reward of 10.55 SBD and 18 SP, while if it is calculated from the last 7 days, I have received a reward of 10.370 SBD and 17.490 SP. last week I got an extra vote from the steemit team for joining club5050. I am very grateful, that way I can participate in club100.

Let's Join to the #club100
Best Regards @teukumuhas

Special Thanks To @stephenkendal @pennsif @steemchiller @sultan-aceh

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We love Power Up, Keep strong #club100 Steem On!

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your support ☺️

 3 years ago 

Oke Bro, Good luck!

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This is good of you. Keep doing more dear.

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Thanks for your support brother 😊

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Good joob bro

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Thank you bro

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