🔊 Release of PromoSteem Lifestyle and PromoSteem Diary Game


Hello PromoSteem Community! In this post we are sharing an announcement with you all that we are releasing promosteem lifestyle and diary game. These are two themes on which you have to make a post in promosteem community.

Theme 1:

Branding your lifestyle with Steem

In this theme you have to branding your lifestyle with Steem and promote steemit to other. You can post anything that you have for Steem promotion like T-shirts, masks, stickers, magazine, thumble and others.

Theme 2:

Promosteem Diary Game

As most of the users know what we have to write in a diary game our daily routine but in promosteem diary you have to write your daily promotional activities which you did for Steem promotion.

These themes are announced that users show us how they did their promotional activities. You have to show the proof of your work. That's why we made rules for these themes and understand the rules for post title.


  • Title for theme branding your lifestyle with Steem should be

Promosteem Lifestyle | Followed by your title | @yourusername

  • Post title for promosteem diary game should be

Promosteem Diary Game | Followed by your title | @yourusername

  • Make your post in promosteem community.
  • Post in English language.
  • Post must be of 300 words according to community rules and add description about the theme you are following.
  • Tags used must be for PromoSteem Diary Game : #thediarygame and for PromoSteem Lifestyle : #lifestyle on the first 1-4 tags
  • You must follow the club's at least #club5050
  • Use tag according to your eligibility for club, #club5050, #club75, #club100
  • Other tags are #steemexclusive, #promo-steem, #your country (for example #Indonesia).
  • Avoid plagiarism and try to post unique content.


  • PromoSteem Diary Game can be posted on any day.
  • Only posts about PromoSteem Lifestyle on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  • Your post will be supported by curation by the curator team @steemcurator06 for PromoSteem Lifestyle and @steemcurator08 for PromoSteem Diary Game.



We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for PromoSteem you can give any delegation you like :

Alternative links delegates to @promosteem.com



Thanks to Steemit Team : steemcurator01

Kind Regards
@ponpase - Manager of PromoSteem

Promoters Country Representative
@oscarcc89 - Venezuela
@saracampero - Venezuela
@ngoenyi - Nigeria
@ashkhan - Pakistan
@msharif - Bangladesh
@bangmimi - Indonesia

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This post was written by @ashkhan

 6 months ago 

This is good

 6 months ago 

This is a nice project, I really appreciate it. Thanks so much @promosteem.com

 6 months ago 

Thank you for announcement and I hope all users will try to participate in this. Everyone please show your engagement.

I understand that there is only one The Diary Game #betterlife, which is a project of the Steemit Team. They use the hashtag #thediarygame accordingly.

The Promotion diary, food diary, creative diary, art diary, are a separate project, which each community has promoted, but they are not #thediarygame #betterlife.

Anyway, let's mention the community administrator @steemcurator01 to clear up any doubts.

 6 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much for the information, very useful information for me.

 6 months ago 

wow.. thank you for updating the information, happy with the launch of this new program in this community

 6 months ago 

That's good....

Thank you so much sir for launching this wonderful initiative for members.

I really exited to take part on your promo steem lifestyle.

Thanks so much for the update. This is very necessary to us all.

 6 months ago (edited)

Thanks for update the information, which is its very useful.for all member.. I will follow the rules and try to make a quality post

 6 months ago 

thank you for this important update here sir, hopefully this change will be the best for all of us, success always sir

 6 months ago 

Very much interested and encouraging

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