Listing Steemit to the Crypto Awards 2021 !

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Two years ago we worked hard to win Steemit at The Noonies presented by Hackernoon award. Noonies is a website page that organizes awards in the field of technology. Noonies gives awards to people, companies, or industries engaged in technology.

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Two years ago Steemit managed to win the Social Network of The Year nomination. At that time, we were promoting through social media to gather power on Steemit to vote for Steemit. Each user can only cast their one vote, a total of 4020 votes have been collected.

Two years ago we managed to bring victory for Steemit at the award. Now is the time to bring Steemit to be nominated for the Crypto Awards in 2021. Through this post, I inviting and attention to @steemitblog to register Steemit on the list of nominees for the Crypto Awards.

Submit Steemit on Crypto Awards

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Dear Steemit team, through this post I took the initiative to provide suggestions for Steemit to be registered in this Awards. Based on my brief analysis, Crypto Awards can provide an opportunity to promote Steemit and grow the progress of the Steem Blockchain ecosystem. Steemit has a large number of users, everyone can take their role and be involved in this campaign, so no doubt, let's unite the power.

What are Crypto Awards?

Crypto Awards is a worldwide organizer of financial conferences, forums, summits, fairs, shows, festivals, fairs and awards since 2002 Produced by FINEXPO.

Listing to the Crypto Awards

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The Steemit team can register Steemit into one of the award nominations, the relevance may be for the Blockchain nomination. There are also a number of other nominations such as: Exchanges, Crypto Brokers, DeFi, CeFi, Blockchain, Payment Systems, Investments, Services, Persons, News & Media. Now, more than 254 crypto projects have joined the Crypto Awards.

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The winner in each nomination is chosen by people from all over the world by voting. Each user can only vote once. Final results and winners will be announced on this website in December 2021 and at Blockchain Fest 2021 which will take place on 2-3 December 2021 in Limassol Cyprus.

The voting process takes place from January to November 2021. The exact date of the last voting day is determined by the Crypto Awards Team.

Final results and winners will be announced on the official Crypto Awards website in December 2021.

One can vote for one candidate - once

Ratings are based on feedback from site visitors from personal experiences interacting with participating companies.

For More Informations !

So, let's bring a Steemit listing to the Crypto Awards and invite everyone to participate in this campaign. Steemit will win!

Thanks for visiting and reading my post!

Thanks to : @steemcurator01 , @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal

Best Regard,
Jakarta, 16 November 2021

 3 years ago 

Awesome lets do it together🤗

 3 years ago 

Terima kasih banyak, jika sudah listing oleh @steemitblog, mari kita kumpulkan kekuatan untuk voting di website Crypto Awards.

 3 years ago 

Wah belum tuh blm ngrti cara nya 😅🤭

Great job there 👍.

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much !

 3 years ago 

This is a great one.
I believe steemit is capable of winning this award based on the number of persons in the community.
If the steemit team can register as you said and every one will be encouraged to participate in the voting, we are sure of the win.
Thanks for this wonderful update.
Best regards.

 3 years ago 

I hope it will or maybe they will ignore this.

Thanks !

 3 years ago 

Let's keep hope Alive

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for support !

 3 years ago 

bang,,saya sudah mendelegasikan 50 sp ke @PromoSteem....mohon abang tindak lanjuti...terima kasih

 3 years ago 

Terima kasih banyak atas dukungannya.
Selamat untuk lebel Anda di Komunitas.

 3 years ago 

sama² bang.....saya sangat merasa bangga karenanya

 3 years ago 

assalamualaikum bang admin...saya @teukuipul87 semalam sempat menarik kembali delegasi walau hanya 50 sp. hal ini saya lakukan melihat sejumlah para senior sudah melakukan hal tsb termasuk beberapa orang admin komunitas. ada yg mengatakan steemit tidak lagi legal. sy pribadi tidak tau sebenarnya apa yg terjadi akhir² ini dalam steemit.....saya mau saran terbaik dari bang admin...mohon maaf sebelumnya....jika steemit normal kembali aku akan tetap ikut berpartisipasi dan mentaati anjuran bang admin

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