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Since my return to Steemit, I have continued to invest in increasing account resources. In the span of 6 months I have achieved an increase of more than 4000 STEEM POWER UP. The amount includes the amount of STEEM I've frozen and brought back the Steemit Wallet.

My desire is to grow more and more in Steem and bring value through the resources (SP) I have. Thus, bringing more Steem to power up is the right thing to do so far. Efforts to increase SP also aim to grow investment value through voting power.

That way I can also use my SP to assign value to other users' content. On the other hand, in return I also get rewards from my voting activities. Apart from aiming to grow my account, I can also help drive value on user content on steemit.

This kind of mechanism is a very profitable investment, where I freeze my STEEM for a long period of time. While I can still get rewards as long as my voting activities work. Freezing Steem in the steemit wallet through STEEM POWER also has a good impact on maintaining the value of STEEM on the exchange.

The more STEEM that is suspended from circulation will actually have an impact on future investments, especially when the value of STEEM will increase. One of the factors that affect the price of steem is the activity of investing, exchanging, distributing and freezing. We have taken one of these actions by bringing a STEEM freeze in the Steemit Wallet.

Power Up History

Below is a history list that shows the power up activities that I have done since Aprill-November 2021. This amount is based on the investment I made within 7 months. On the other hand, I also bring my rewards to support a number of programs/projects that I run. Some gifts are also brought to the exchange to be cashed out and achieve a better life, I think that's another meaning of STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE.

Screenshot (833).png
Screenshot (835).png
Screenshot (836).png

From the above list which is detailed in real-time it has been shown that I have brought +4694 STEEM frozen in the Steemit Wallet. Step slowly to increase my resources through power ups. If calculated, my weekly power up activity achievement is +160 STEEM every week. The suspension of steem on STEEMIT Wallet is the right step to develop and grow to be more independent in the future.

Delegation +3500 SP

Screenshot (838).png

I have also brought my STEEM POWER to support a number of communities, especially for the communities I am interested in supporting. This STEEM POWER delegation is also an investment step, besides aiming to grow the community, the steem power delegation also provides benefits. Some communities offer gifts to delegates which are distributed every month.

We can also use the STEEM rewards from the delegation reward to increase resources. This process is mutually beneficial for both parties. You give delegates and the community pays them in return. Meanwhile, the increase in the number of delegated steem power will also increase over time as long as the community activates their curator accounts.

For example, I delegated 2000 Steem Power to in March. Now the number has actually increased to 2028 Steem Power. That means, the delegated Steem Power will gradually increase according to the level of number and influence of the community curator account activity.


Screenshot (837).png

On the other hand I also try to support a number of users by using the Steem Power that I have. The achievements I can also interact with them through comments. Voting and commenting activities are another way to increase the support network of fellow steemit users. This will generate great power when small amounts are gathered in one action through voting.

Comments and voting are the most important factors to continue interacting with other users on steemit. You can grow value on their content. In addition, maybe we will also find new friends or family on steemit. So, interact with other users on Steemit, because everyone will have an amazing time in the future.

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#Club5050 Participation

Screenshot (839).png
Screenshot (840).png

To achieve my increase in support on Steemit, I also participated in the #club5050 program. I hope that this participation will give me support to continue to increase my resources (SP) and achieve a better life. The above history is based on results from October 6 - November 6, 2021 with a ratio of 63/37 percent.


I hope to continue to get support to be able to increase the resources (SP) of my account. With your support and participation in this program, I plan to increase to 7000 SP by the end of the year. The more support, the easier it is for us to reach, the more opportunities to bring STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE into reality.

thanks to @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02
Best Regard
Jakarta, 6 November 2021

 3 years ago 

Congratulations Bro! Wonderful Achievement! Enjoy the moment. Hope 10,000SP soon.

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for support.

 3 years ago 

Wow bro, your achievements can be, can say follow your traces for Dolphin.

Congratulations bro !!!

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much !!!

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